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The rain continually got heavier from the moment we woke, we had a mini bus booked for bocas del torro around lunch time but as it turns out we were not going to be follow through with this plan. Stepping from under the cover of a roof, was comparable to diving into a pool and after a few hours the result of this down pour started to become clear. Water was starting to rise and people started the rumour that if we did not leave town now the is a chance a bridge know for giving up on life may let go and be swept away leaving us stranded in saturated puerto Viejo for weeks. We asked about our bookings to bocas and they said it was not gonna run, was to dangerous, (i heard some people died down towards bocas that day from being washed away) so our only real option was to head back towards san jose and onwards towards the sunny west coast.
So shin deep in water in the reception area on rocking j's we called 2 taxis and asked to go to the bus stop, all this in spanish might i add so when the driver dude called someone to see if the bus was gone yet he started saying something about " arbol" we knew this meant tree and we were all like "BUS BUS MUY RAPIDO por favor" and he was all like "SI SI arbol, arbol" Anyways he was heading towards the bus stop so we kinda just went with it, upon arrival the driver called someone again and was told the bus had definetly already left and was once again on about "arbol". Tearing down the road through puddles that could have been named and put in an atlas as new lakes we eventually came across a line of traffic to which the taxi driver just drove onto the oppisite side of the road and upto a bus which was stopped due to a tree across the road, oh thats what he was going on about.
the rain had slowed a bit by now and we ran to the bus and asked if we could get on but it was full and the driver said we would have pay full fare to stand for the 5hour journey to san jose. Stuck with no other option we took the offer and waited whilst up ahead some locals with machetes hacked at a huge tree, we were thinking that it was gonna be awhile before they were gonna get through it, when someone rocked up with a chainsaw...few!!! Driving past towns partially under water, i thought it was lucky they had made the road raised but unlucky they did not build the houses on stilts. We came to point where the water had busted over the road and i thought we were stuck but the bus driver just charged up past the line of  hesitating cars and just gunned it through. After that, the drive just became a test of will and endurance but eventually we took it in turns sitting on the stairs and i even fell asleep for a bit. Back in san jose we returned to hostel pangea and i passed out for the night!!!
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