1 tequila 2 tequila 3 tequila......Dancefloor!!!

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Standing on the dance floor with my usual sober foot tap and knee wobble i tell myself i look more like a fool then the dude across from me busting out random maneuvers along to the bippity bobbity beats bouncing bellingerently about our brains. i have fun dancing when i'm drunk, why the hell not grab a corona, maybe even a shot of tequila it has been awhile i think i need a reason to remember why i have stopped drinking so much these days. Returning to my spot on the dancefloor next to Doraemon(see picture below), between the devil, the maid and the pussy cat, after being served by a guy dressed as a ballarina, i have a bit more of a spring to my step and a bit more of a sway to my shoulders. I continue this routine for a while until i'm bouncing around like a 3yr old listening to Michael jackson on a tuesday evening before bedtime.

 I remember why i love drinking so much, why so many people love drinking, it takes our mindstates back to our childhood and lets us be free of silly social solicitudes(ok i used a thesaurus to find that word), if only i could always control how much i consume and not make it back to the days of being a babbling, bubble blowing baby=). Luckily this was not to be one of those nights, just much fun to be had. After a morning of flailing limbs, awesome dance moves (by other people of course) and maybe even a little pash session with a young japanese girl. i find myself sitting in the gutter out the front of club "what ever its name was" next to Doraemon and the pussy cat. With my ears ringing, eyes bloodshot and a silly smile apon my face, i notice winnie the pooh ride past on a bicycle and i decide i like Halloween and that it is time for home......

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photo by: yasuyo