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Faces of TB: David (cneoridium), Janene (janene17), Will (W_Clemmons), Doris (Martinikitty13), Sybil (Sybil), Kelly (Kelleeoo), me, Mark (Travelman727), Roger (x_drive), Jennifer (Jenn79), Melanie, (Mellemel8), and Angel (Jelly)

Since joining, I've been to 12 big meet ups, some multi day, and even our first week long one!  I still have 3 more meet ups to go before 2008 ends!!!  Here is a summary of the great 12 meet ups I've attended over the past year with TB!!! :-) 

1) Los Angeles  Dec 2007

The meet up that seemed to start the meet up craze!  It was this meet up that created what I call, the "Faces of TB" hee hee. I got to meet some of the legendary TB veterans like Roger (x_drive), Mark (Travelman727), and Melanie (Mellemel8).  

I also got to meet Eric and his girlfriend Lisa for the first time.  This meet up started Mark's crazy unofficial meet up kiss tradition....sorry to all the girls who've endured it since that fateful night! HAHA.

Jan 12th Meet up - Jade Bar, San Francisco
 I met a really great group of people that night.....some of these people have since become very good friends of mine and I am so thankful I ended up going that night!  


2) San Francisco Meet up Jan 2008

Ekua's HUGE meet up - we had a record number of people in attendance and since I was late, I was unable to talk to many of the people there!   This is where I met 1/3 of the BABs,  Julz!  We basically had the whole downstairs of the Jade Bar in San Francisco which was cool!  It was a great meet up and lots of awesome Northern California TBs and a few out of towners! 

That night was my first time meeting co-founder David, and their mother, Portia!!  It was also my second time seeing Mark, Roger, his wife Judy, and Will! LA meet up TBs reunited!! :-)


3) Orange County Meet Up Feb 2008

My third meet up!  Angel hosted a get together in Huntington Beach in which I got to see Will (W_Clemmons) at a meet up for the 3rd time!  Whoo Hoo - we have attended all the same meet ups.

With Angel and Will - saying goodbye!!
..will this trend continue?? HAHAHA 

Sadly, I missed part of the meet up as I was at Disneyland with Mom for the day and got her dropped off late and well, poor Angel...there was a mix up on the posts and I had the wrong time and didn't know it until Will called to find out where I was. I missed the beach part of the meet up but made it for the dinner afterwards!! Met Joy and saw Eric for the second time!! Another fun night although I had to leave relatively early to handle some stuff back at my parent's house.   



4) Las Vegas March 2008

Viva Las Vegas!  The first Vegas meet up and OMG...Will is at this one too..Hee Hee.  This is where my real life and TB life began to merge. I brought several of my real life friends who ultimately joined TB as well.

March 2008 LV Meet Up gang!
  I will never forget poor James (pearcetoyou) as it was his first meet up...he comes up really excited to my friend Matt from work (who knew nothing about this TB stuff!) and when James asked him if he was here for the TB meet up, Matt was like, "Huh? What's that?" Poor James...looked so deflated!! LOL.  I just told Matt to meet me at the bar since he was moving out of Vegas and it was my last opportunity to see him!  So Matt was known as the TB Crasher the rest of the night! HAHA

Melanie did an awesome job of organzing this meet up (even though a couple of the guys didn't heed her warning on dress code *ahem*).  What a fun time dancing at Cherry in Red Rock.  Oh my gosh though...blisters!!!!!!


5) Marina Del Rey (LA) May 2008

This truly was the first of the weekend meet ups for me! I did a TB road trip down and we had a pre meet up, main meet up, and post meet up! And then.

Marina Del Rey Meet up May 2008
...the girls and I ventured on quite a bonding experience home!  LOL  We had a Mediterranean dinner complete with belly dancers and Hookah! Those staying at Joy's had a little after party.  Saturday involved craziness along Venice Beach and the main meet up in Marina Del Rey. Sunday was recovery day at Joy's and a little dinner to see everyone off.  A last breakfast for a few of us in LA on Monday and it was time for the crazy road trip to begin!! 16 hours!!! LOL

I met a lot of new TBs at this meet up, saw many familiar faces, and still giggle at all the crazy stories from this weekend's adventures. A few of us stayed at Joy's and it was non stop silliness and crazy TB antics!!!  It was quite a memorable weekend!!!

6) Hermosa Beach (LA) June 2008

Holy cow! Only weeks since I was last in LA.

Most of the gang at the main meet up dinner
...I find myself traveling back down for another weekend long meet up! LOL.  We had the pre meet up and main meet ups in Hermosa Beach which was great, but obviously very crowded..especially since the volleyball tournaments were going on!! Eeeeek! We rolled with it and moved our beach party to the hotel and had quite a fun pool party on Saturday before the main meet up! 

Sunday, Angel organized a get together in Orange County which involved a GREAT day...we had lunch at Irvine Spectrum, enjoyed some fun time at Dave and Busters, and then rented a boat to putt around Balboa and Newport Harbors!  One last dinner together and it was time to call it a night. A few of us were staying at Angel's still which translated into a slumber party (except for Julz who knocked out during the  Another fun weekend long crazy meet up!!


7) Kansas City, MO June 2008

WOW! This was my first meet up that really required more than an hour flight or a 6+ hour drive! Went out to Vegas a few days earlier and decided to fly to KC with Melanie and RJ from the Vegas Core Crew.

Main meet up KC June 2008
  Poor Southwest passengers on that 6am flight!  We were a handful but what a great time! 

This was another weekend long meet up which provided some great opportunities to meet a lot of new TravBuddies!  Mark (Travelman727) and James (Pearcetoyou) did an awesome job of coordinating all this.  We did a lot of sightseeing and this was the location for Sal (Sincitytraveler) and I's faux wedding!!! HAHAHA. 


8) Pasadena (LA) Aug 2008

This was a smaller meet up for a fellow friend and TB member, Sudip, who lives in South Korea. I met Sudip while traveling in Seoul for my birthday. In addition, it was a nice send off for Rob and Joy who were about to embark on their European adventures!

This was another meet up that brought out some very new TB faces! It was also the first meet up that my friend Silvina attended - our first time seeing each other since we graduated high school pretty much!!!  And then there was Colton.

Part of the Pasadena group Aug 2008
.....him and his crazy magic tricks or illusions......he kept us entertained quite a bit! 

It was great to meet some new TravBuddies again and see the familiar faces of the regular Los Angeles area meet ups! :D



9) Orange County Aug 2008

Angel hosts again! :D The original plan was for a beach bonfire but it was Sunday of Labor Day weekend and apparently most of Southern California had the same idea! We ended up moving the bonfire to more of a beach picnic and had an absolute blast!

In attendance was quite a mixture of Couch surfers and TravBuddies!  It was a crazy night including a ticket for smoking on the beach...and Angel taking a picture of Mike getting the ticket!!! LOL.

The girls of the OC meet up Aug 08(minus Silvina who'd left already)

My friend Silvina came to her second meet up and one of my best friends was in town from Colorado so I brought him with me!  I had not seen him since he was deployed to Iraq and back in the States!  It was great to catch up and introduce him to my crazy TB crew! :D





10) Las Vegas Sept 2008

Sin City Diaries, Part III - Co hosted the big meet up with Melanie and what a stressful but fun weekend.  It actually turned into more of a TravBuddy week as a few of the TB's were still in town so we continued to meet up and hang out for a few more days! 

Shopping adventures, dinner at Dick's Last Resort, and a mini meet up at the tattoo shop while Melanie and I got new ink done!

We also had a record number of international TB's in attendance - Germany, Netherlands, UK, and Australia were represented! WOW! Thanks to Sven, Brett, Louise, and Joe for joining in our crazy meet up weekend! 

There was a great mix of old TB faces from past Los Angeles and Las Vegas meet ups as well as some newbies who hopefully had fun!  More of my real life friends (and attorneys from work) were in attendance for the pre meet which was awesome!

This meet up was the one that altered my life's course a little.

Vegas Pre Meet Up Sept 08
..but definitely in a good way! :D





11) Belize Oct 2008 annual trip to Belize is now going to be an annual TB meet up!!  Silvina and I embarked on girls week down there to meet up with my friends and some TB antics.  Unfortunately, a few of the TBs had personal emergencies come up and had to cancel but we had a blast anyways!  How can you not have a blast in paradise?!?! :-)

It was great to catch up with all my old friends, and share my hidden paradise with Silvina who needed a trip somewhere just as bad as I did!!!

With Halloween costume parties, a catamaran booze cruise, the infamous chicken drop (which I was a winner on), my annual BBQ, and Mark's golf cart antics.

Silvina gets a Mark meet up kiss! :D Belize 08 was truly an unforgetable week!!  Looking forward to Oct 2009 baby!!! Better Belize it! :D



12) Tucson, AZ Nov 2008

ROAD TRIP TIME again!! This time with part of the Vegas core crew - Melanie and Melissa!  And poor Brett who flew back in from the Netherlands to hang out for the about estrogen and foodie overload!  It's amazing he's still speaking to me after all those hours in the car with us girls stopping to take pictures of everything, including cow poop and hand prints on the car! LOL.

Fun weekend from Vegas to Tucson for an educational meet up weekend. Harried planned a lot of activities and really enjoyed the historical trip to Tombstone and Bisbee.

Road Trip Buddies! Tucson Nov 08

Great Mexican food at the main meet up will definitely get me back to Tucson soon!

The road trip home was the best bonding experience - we detoured through Sedona and even encountered a snow storm in Flagstaff on our way back.  Great considering LA native Melanie was driving! LOL. 


Meet ups still left to go this year:  

13) Eindhoven, Netherlands: Brett's Bday Dec 13th

14) Ket's Idols - Amsterdam Dec 30th

15) BIG AMS MEET UP!!! Dec 31st

Jelly says:
Thanks for all the mention!! Boy we're really had fun this year huh? :-) Where's the Disney trip w/ Julz and Joe and Cereal Killer?? lmao!
Posted on: Nov 28, 2008
portia says:
WOW! amazing year for you! so fun to read too.
Posted on: Nov 25, 2008
w_clemmons says:
i was stalking you erin! ha!
Posted on: Nov 24, 2008
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