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I had set an alarm for 4:30 AM and woke up and looked around.  Amazingly a significant crowd had migrated this way over night.  I knew the first thing that I should do was check the status of our morning flight.  That meant a trek back over to terminal C to see the US Airways flight status monitors.  Looked out the window and crews were moving snow around, dozers picking up and dumping snow into melting units in an attempt to clear the runways, but thankfully the snow itself had stopped.  Made the short walk and found my way to a bank of monitors.  First two flights of the day to Las Vegas - CANCELLED.  Next flight not showing cancelled 1 PM in the afternoon.

Trekked back to terminal D and woke my brother.  Since we were both travelling with only carry-ons we were thankfully able to go to a rest room and freshen up a bit (change a shirt, brush my teeth).  It was time to go brave the dreaded lines and find another flight.  The only question at this point was where we would be going.  We agreed that if we could travel on that 1 PM flight we would continue to Vegas.  If not we were going home.  Went to the phones again as the line to talk to a real person was unreal.  Talked to the agent finally and there was nothing available on the 1 PM, in fact nothing that they could guarantee us a seat on until Monday morning.  We could try to fly standby but we would be battling with four flights that had been cancelled between last night and this morning.  And there was no guarantee that the flights would leave on time if at all.  Looked at my brother and we decided that it was time to try to get home.

The morning flight back to Dayton was also cancelled, leaving only a 7:00 PM flight back to Dayton.  The agent also provided us another option.  A flight to Pittsburgh at 10:30 AM, connecting to a 12:50 PM flight from there to Dayton.  The flight to Pittsburgh would most likely go he said, because they would be repositioning flight crews to Pittsburgh where US Airways has a smaller but still significant hub-type operation.  We agreed to Pittsburgh because if nothing else it would get us out of the morass that Philly had become.

Had enough time for breakfast and an additional airport tab.  Got boarding passes for the new flights and marveled at the way some of the people treated the ticket agents trying to help them.  Watched one woman have a nervous breakdown because her flight was cancelled and she was trying to get to a cruise that left that afternoon.  Other people just berating the agents like US Airways had caused the snowstorm.  Oh well, I could bore you with my thoughts on this matter but that's more of a forum topic post than a blog entry.

We boarded our flight to Pittsburgh and as we were told there were a lot of pilots and flight attendant crew trying to reposition to Pittsburgh for other flights.  There was also a good number of people trying to get to Pittsburgh for the Steelers game in the AFC Conference championship.  Great, just my luck.  With all the crew deadheading, the overhead bins were full when we boarded and both of us had to check our luggage for the duration of the journey.  We pulled back, de-iced, took off and headed for Pittsburgh...

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