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I sleep in on a bit on Monday but figure since I'm home I might as well go in and put the time in at work and save the vacation for a time later in the year.  Use the automated checking system every day to check on the status of my bag which remains missing.  Finally on Friday I get a phone call that turns out to be from the US Airways Corporate Offices in Pittsburgh.  Now usually when they find a lost bag, its transported on the next available flight and then delivered via a local delivery service.  I've had this happen on one other occasion when I travelled and had a bag delayed.  But not this time.  Somehow my bag ended up in the corporate office in Pittsburgh (Huh?) and they needed information to FedEx my bag back to me.  I gave them the information, but never did think to ask why the nonstandard delivery when I had them on the phone.  Oh well, my bag made it back the following Tuesday, nine days after I did (hey, maybe it went to Vegas wthout me), and as far as I know all of my stuff was present and accounted for.

Had we waited for the later Philly-Dayton flight on Sunday, we would have actually made it home before we ended up arriving with the cancelled/delayed connection in Pittsburgh.

And US Airways refunded the miles and money I had used to purchase the tickets since they could not get me to my destination in a reasonable time frame.  Remember to use the term Trip in Vain if something like this ever happens where they can not get you to your destination to make it worth your while before you need to return home.

Oh well, #$%^ happens, you deal with it and come out the other side.  Hopefully still smiling.

vances says:
Dan, you have a great attitude. I think this tops your previous plane miseries, but we seem to move in similar catastrophes. My last trip to Dayton was a fiasco I won't dwell upon, but I didn't get to bed my first night until 5AM and showed up at the office at 8AM in shorts and sneakers (what I was wearing since they lost my luggage) and my luggage got returned three days later...just in time to take it back home, lol!
Posted on: Jul 27, 2007
Kramerdude says:
I don't know, I think having to deal with the security lines, not being able to carry on anything, and the general fact of not knowing what was going on probably made your experience worse. After getting over the frustration of not getting to Vegas, this ended up more comical than anything.
Posted on: Jun 07, 2007
Eric says:
Wow! I can't believe all of that. And I thought my 8hr flight delay in London on the day after the liquid bomb terrorist threats were exposed was bad....
Posted on: Jun 06, 2007
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