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Day four: Cliffs of Moher and Doolin


There was so much more we wanted to do in the Killarney area, like explore the Killarney National Park [which is the largest National Park in Ireland]. Or go explore the Dingle peninsula, but I had enough of driving in that fog, I was hoping we’d see less fog once we got away from the Kerry area. So time, money, and weather wouldn’t allow us to stay any longer. The longer we stayed there the more money we’d spend in the long run and it was rainy and foggy still.


To save us time we used the Shannon Ferry system to cut across to the west coast area where the Cliffs of Moher are, instead of driving all the way to Limerick and so on.

It really did save us a bunch of time and it was only like 17 Euro for both Stacee and I and our car. Well worth it!


I thought that October would be  a good month to visit but everything was closed and empty. As we were driving we got hungry and decided to stop in the next town which was Killkee [I think] and we walked all across that town and could only find one restaurant that was still open. But I’m glad we stopped there because we met a local named, you guessed it, Patty. He stayed and talked our ears off until our soup arrived. He was very nice and was full of local knowledge.

After lunch we went off to find the Cliffs of Moher. I never realized just how small Ireland was until I actually drove in Ireland. It felt like everywhere you were you were just minutes away from your next place of interest. I loved it.


I had been worried about it being all wet and rainy but the sun came out as we were leaving Killkee, just in time for our walk around the cliffs.


I really liked the Cliffs even though we were slightly rushed [we thought we had a boat to catch, but it turned out we had our schedules mixed up]. This is where I planned to release my mother’s ashes, she was a romantic, this was the perfect location I thought.


But…. I wasn’t aware of the fact that you really can’t get up to the cliffs edge anymore. For safety reasons they built a wall all along the path. I couldn’t even reach my hand over the wall and release her ashes because the wall is dug into the ground so that the top of the wall is actually the top of the grassy hill. [Does that make sense!?] But I found a little corner at the top of the cliff where it was just a regular wood and barbed wire fence, which worked perfectly.


I really enjoyed watching the waves crash into the rocks and the water looked so blue.

It was truly beautiful out there.


We left and had to rush to the pier in Doolin because we thought we had a ferry to catch to go to the Aran Islands. But as we found out when we reached the pier there were no boats till the morning. So we watched the sunset and watched the gigantic waves crashing on to the rocks on the pier before searching for a vacant hostel bed. [Seeing how empty places were we were pretty comfortable knowing we’d find some place].


We knocked on the door at the Rainbow Hostel and they had plenty of beds available, they even gave us a private room.


It was so cozy, I really recommend this hostel to anyone who is visiting! The main common room out front had a peat burning stove [I will forever be reminded of Ireland whenever I smell peat burning, it gave Ireland a specific smell, it was new to me.

I’m not sure if they burn peat elsewhere.] The people were real nice.


We FINALLY got a taste of the Irish pub life! We walked to one pub [the name escapes me] and ate dinner there and drank a bit while listening to the local musicians play. We met a local by the name of Michael and he smoked and drank with us. After a couple of pints we walked over the bridge toward McDermott’s and met a bunch of locals there. We sat at the bar and joked with the bartender, and the people sitting beside us. There was a musician singing in the background, but I was preoccupied with talking to actually listen, but he sounded good from what I can remember. While there we met a few other people who were staying at the same hostel as we were. When the pub closed they let us hang out longer and finish our beers. Then we walked back to our place and stayed up talking in the front room. It was a great way to spend the evening!


beautyseeker says:
Sounds like a great experience!
Posted on: Apr 25, 2011
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