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Day ONE: Juneau - Seattle - San Francisco - Dublin - Killarney

My friend Stacee and I [both from Juneau,Alaska] had to overnight in the Seattle airport and we couldn’t sleep at all. Stacee maybe got a few winks, but I really couldn’t so I stayed up watching Friends on my iPod and trying to get used to my new camera. I just bought a brand new Nikon D40 but I know nothing about how it works.


We had breakfast and looked around the airport shops until our San Francisco flight was boarding. We were flying out of San Francisco straight to Dublin. Before heading over seas we decided to exchange a little bit of cash so we wouldn’t be stranded without any Euro. We exchanged a total of $600 US and received approx 395 Euro. OUCH. That was going to make our trip tight! We decided we would have to NOT go to London like we had planned and we needed to cut some of the more expensive things out of our plans. Like having a rental car for more than a week, in order to save some cash. I was bummed, because my original plan was to drive from Killarney up to Belfast along the west coast. We decided to work out a new route while on the plane.


We flew non-rev [space available] on Aer Lingus, because we both work for another airline, for approx $200 round trip. We actually got extremely lucky and had an entire 4 or 5 seats to our selves.  Makes me wonder why I don't take advantage of this benefit more often! We flew on an Air Bus. The seats weren't comfortable to sleep in because the arm rests wouldn't pull up so you could lay down. But we had individual TV screens on the seat backs in front of us, so I got to see a few movies I hadn't seen yet. That made time fly. [no pun intended]


Our first memory of Ireland is kind of a blur because once off the plane we went straight to the bus stop without having to stop at baggage claim because we flew with only carry on size bags [mine was pushing the limit because it was a hiking bag with a built in back thing that would squish down]. Then on the bus we drove pretty quickly thru Dublin and got off at the train station and hopped on a train headed to Killarney. We finally got to see some scenery from the train windows. It was a beautiful sunny day, things were looking good. I was excited. I kept singing to myself the Christmas song that I remember Bing Crosby singing...."Christmas in Kilarney".


Oh by the way, for anyone thinking of riding the train in Ireland, I learned that you save a ton of money booking your train ride on the internet. I paid almost double what I would have had to pay because I bought my ticket in person.


We only had to switch trains once and that was in the town of Mallow. Then we were there. We took a cab to our hostel, because for us the bus schedules were extremely confusing!! Luckily we planned on doing the driving ourselves and wouldn’t have to worry about the bus schedules.


Our Hostel was definitely not in the main hustle and bustle of Killarney. We were more on the out skirts off the Ring of Kerry road. We stayed at the Killarney International Youth Hostel. I loved the old building! On the outside it looked old and covered in plant growth, but on the inside they painted the walls all bright vibrant colours. We stayed in a dorm with only one other girl so it was quiet.


Since we weren’t near town and we didn’t have our car yet, we walked down the hill to have dinner at the Golden Nugget Pub. In my opinion, it wasn’t much of a pub really, but more a restaurant. Which was fine we were both feeling a bit exhausted from the trip there. After we ate we walked on a path we found across the street from the pub. We walked maybe 2km when it started getting dark so we turned back and headed up to our room.


I’m getting a little long winded I can see….Oh well,  I’ll share some more once I get the pictures uploaded.

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photo by: Paulovic