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Friday we were heading to another part of town, it is called Konserve. Years ago there was a pension there called „Sonne“ I just to go there with my parents and I really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, it had no beach and no pool, but a fantastic view. Until a few years ago, they build a big hotel right in front of it, blocking the view and in the course of mass tourism and all-inclusive vacation, the „Sonne“ had to close. Like so many of those nice pension that made you feel at home, instead of feeling like a tourist.


Things have changed so much that I was so worried about missing my bus Stop, that we got off a little too early. No big thing, we just walked. The road to the old „Sonne“ was now a one-way with no traffic. The houses were all fairly new and at the crosswalk – oh no, a big mall. Sorry, I refuse to take pictures of Malls. I am sure you all have seen them. But, I will get back to it later.


So, we got off the bus and stuck in a Pazar again. People pushing and shoving and yelling and and and… if you forgot, please go back to Day 1.  As this is the more newer part of town, the goods are also different. More clothing, less people sitting on the floor. While we were walking over it, I took the chance to pick up some clothing. And got very lucky. A lot of those really expensive designers or catalogues get their clothes manufactured in Turkey. And the stuff with little mistakes ends up on the Pazar. Not the D&G replica, more stuff that is well known in the UK, but uncommon in Turkey. So, you can pick  it up real cheap fort he same quality. Now, if the quality is really good…..  okay, we used to have a Disney Store here. The stuff was made in Turkey and I was not happy at all with it. But, other things I have had for a while, so it all depends.


Anyways,  so I picked up some stuff, some strawberries as well and we went on to the park, which has a fantastic overview off the ocean and a very nice playground. On the way back to the bus, it started pouring down rain, so we decided to do Mall after all. The showers here usually do not last too long and I figured in an about an hour we will be fine and it sure beat standing at the bus stop. Also, the buses at this time were very crowded, better chance to catch one later on.


So, we run up to the Mall and I was surprised to see a security check. I place my purse on the rolly thingy and even though I beep I get waived through. My son also throws his rucksack on the rolly thingy and they do not even bother to take a look inside it. The people behind me, they all beep and they all get waived through no matter what.

I came to the conclusion that the security in Turkish malls are only to provide one more job to somebody who would otherwise be unemployed.


We check out the toy store first. The games were cheaper than here and with the weather I was thinking about picking up something we could all play. Besides, I was getting tired of getting beaten at chess by my son every night. Unfortunately, the store workers ( I counted 5) were all busy playing with the toys, mainly the keyboard and the drum set and had no time to help us. Even after asking, I was told a colleague would come and help me.  Obviously the only one working. I was getting frustrated. And the principal occurred to me again. You CAN build a westernized store and you CAN have a Toys-r-us in Turkey, but you CANNOT make the people think different. If they were working for a Turkish „patron“ they would be running and bowing and catering to you.

The book store next door was a pleasant surprise, a couple shelves of books in English and even one in German and Russian and other languages. But, we were here to pass time only not to really shop for something.


It is still raining and I am all „malled out“. We go across the street to the „Sultanlar“. A „Kebapcisi“ – a restaurant where they serve döner (not the sandwiches, but the original) and other meats.  A boy in a livree opens the door for us and we enter on a red carpet – wooohooo -  but it is still just a regular restaurant with regular prices. So, I was getting worried for nothing. Then a man comes to lead us to a table. Another comes to bring the menu. Another to take the order. Another to bring some appetizers „No, no ours, I did not order these…“ „yes, yes on the house, everybody“ ---- coooooollll. I am looking at the different sauces and the bread. The flat kind that is freshly out of the oven and I as I am starting to taste the fresh bread dipped in eggplant sauce, while I am drinking my fresh whipped „Ayran“ out of a frosted glass, I think, heck with the food, it can’t get better than this.

I was sooo wrong. I ordered myself a Iskender Döner. For those who do not know, it is very thin sliced processed lamb meat on top of toasted pita bread, which before had butter poured over it, then tomato sauce and yoghurt over the meat. It was so delicious. It came with rice and salad and the portion was very large. Now THIS was Turkish cooking, as I knew it. I was in heaven. For desert we ate some „Sütlac“ it is like milk rice, with more a pudding consistency, which is baked in the oven. Don’t forget to try it, if you ever go to Turkey.

The food was so delicious and even made me forget about my wet feet. The service was good and the price was average. The only thing that disturbed me, was that they had seated us right under a TV, which was off, but got turned on for a soccer game and even though I knew, people were looking at the TV, I felt they were watching me eat. It got very loud and very smoked filled and this was the only drawback.  

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photo by: moy18t