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My orange tree - I love the smell in the spring

Sun. The first thing I noticed was the sun. Beautiful. Okay, a little early for us to get up, but nevertheless very beautiful. And peaceful. No neighbors to wake us up, no rain, no gloomy grey sky, only silence and sunshine. Can it get better? Yesâ�¦â�¦ I go to see if there is sun on the small terrace by the bedroom window so we can eat outside. And the tree is full of oranges. How wonderful to have breakfast under an orange tree. And the smell of oranges and coffee... And the view into the neighbors garden, okay so they park their cars in there, but it is still nice. A swiss lady lives in the building next door  and she keeps the garden beautiful. Ful of orange trees and flowers and jasmine.  The whole entrance is full of orange trees and the smell of orange blossoms is in the air.

Looking the other way from the orange tree
ahhh, the sweet smell of orange blossoms. It is so wonderful. I enjoy my coffee and wonder why do people here think that they are missing something when they are not living the western way? I will never understand it.

Time to get more necessities. I hate shopping. I leave the serenity.

The city is now like any other city. People walking past each other in a hectic way, everybody is in a hurry and the gap between the better off and the not so well off is more visible than ever before. As I was thinking about how people can manage to survive here with "their" income and "our" prices , the doorbell rings. It was a mother with a child begging for money.  I return to my table and wonder about the cars in the yard. They are all covered with plastic.

My orange tree again ;)
Later on I  learn that 1 liter of gas "costs roughly 2.80Euro. Twice of what we pay. So, most cars are parked in yards. Probably a good things, because still the roads are packed. But, the driving has highly improved, there are actually only two cars in a two lane road now. Last time I was here,  the white middle stripe, was considered the middle for a third car ;)


As I keep telling my daughter those oranges are not good for eating, my new neighbour comes around the corner. Greeting me in accent free German. Ah, he grew up in Cologne. I am not surprised. He picks the oranges and tells my daughter they are great. I meet his daughters during the school break and he encourages me to pack my bags and move here. As the sun is shining on my face and the smell of the orange blossoms is fogging up my brain, I am thinking " well, actually, why not.

Keeping traditions in the home
The chance of getting a job are better here than at home. And my kids will grow up to value old folks and family. Not such bad values after all. �Mom� oh, I was daydreaming. Yes, yes, we will peel the oranges, but they are not for eating. She insists. Figure she might as well learn by herself. After an half hour of peeling and pressing oranges�.the oranges taste so sour, that we end up throwing it all away. I try very hard to hide my smile and I refrain from saying I told you so. But, I was surely thinking it.


In the evening, when the temperature drops around 6 degrees Celsius and the small heater does not work in the bedroom (it burned the carpet) I remember, how the locals praise everything about their country. And I wonder what is so great about hot in the day and freezing cold at night. And I think another thing they have in common with people in the US. Or Spain. Or anywhere else. Home is always best. To almost all of us. But as we were freezing of our buttocks, the idea of living here does not sound so thrilling anymore.

Koralifix says:
Really nice entry :)
Posted on: Mar 16, 2009
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My orange tree - I love the smell …
My orange tree - I love the smell…
Looking the other way from the ora…
Looking the other way from the or…
My orange tree again ;)
My orange tree again ;)
Keeping traditions in the home
Keeping traditions in the home
of course you usually do not see t…
of course you usually do not see …
playing on the sofa
playing on the sofa
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