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Interesting start - getting electrocuted by the USB extension cable while trying to upload my photo's! Needless to say they just laughed and handed me a pair of rubber soled flip-flops.

Hard to believe it's been a week since i last updated this..... I lost a couple of days to a bout of food poisoning, but bounced back pretty quickly. I'm in my third guest house - now paying just 200bht (4 pounds) for a good sized room with 'hot shower' which is actually hot.

Been climbing three more times and lead my first outdoor route! Scared the shit out of me as I had to miss clipping 3 bolts due to lack of gear, even though it was a very easy 5a. Practice is the only way to improvement though...... Have top-roped a 6b+, but not cleanly and it took everything in me to get up it. Most of this set of photo's are Jens and Peter doing a multi-pitch which was awesome to watch, but a touch beyond my capabilities just at the moment.
Little steps

Went on a random mission on the back of Pete's bike looking to get to the top of a nearby mountain which overlooks all of Chiang Mai, with a temple on the top. Got a little lost but ended up walking a nature trail which lead to a much more secluded temple, parts of which were still under construction; the scrappy drawing (see photos) was all the sculptor had to work from! Was really good to find a bit of jungle so easily without having to pay for some kind of tour. Having talked to people that went on treking tours i've figured i'll get a lot more for my money in somewhere like cambodia or laos and it will be much more remote.

I finally succummed to renting a moped - hanging onto the back of one, usually without a helmet, has to be more dangerous than driving myself i guess?!? Got used to it pretty quickly, and it helps that they drive on the left here.
Well they're supposed to anyway. The friday night traffic was a bit hairy to say the least, but the worst is when a road gets shut off for a street market, forcing you to get lost down back-roads which all look the same.  

Have been eating really well since recovering from the food poisioning; everything from greasy pad thai on street corners, self cooked bbq/buffet thing with a burning charcoal device on table to a wonderfull meal last night cooked by Peter (the nicest, coolest german i have ever met!) and his lady friend Paw round at Jens place.

Anyway things going as good a they are, it's pretty hard to think about leaving Chiang Mai just yet. I know the beaches of the south are drawing me, but it's so much more expensive down there that i might leave it untill the super peak season (now untill new year) is over. Might take an excursion from here in the mean time.... decisions, decisions, decisions. Not always my strong point.

borneonikieta says:
1 tip to share to take care of food poisoning, drink a can of 100plus a day. It worked for me.
Posted on: Dec 14, 2008
borneonikieta says:
I had food poisoning too when I was in Thailand...I know how you felt. Good that you are up and about again. Happy travelling!
Posted on: Dec 14, 2008
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Chiang Mai
photo by: Stevie_Wes