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1) Band-i-Emir, Afghanistan (of course!): Amazing hues of blues surrounded by red cliffs make these lakes among the most beautiful in the world.

2) Halong Bay,Vietnam: Mirror-like waters and a maze of giant stones topped with tropical rainforest make this one of the most mysterious and enchanting places on earth.

3) Jeep tour of Yemen: Turbaned men with knives, women dressed head to toe in black, rugged terrain and amazing stone architecture make this one of the most exotic places I've been to.

4) Tikal, Guatemala: The pyramids jutting above the jungle cannopy are absolutely incredible.  Have you seen "Return of the Jedi"?  That's the last scene.

5) Mamanuca Islands, Fiji: I went here on my honeymoon.  Absolutely amazing!  Little atolls surrounded by coral reefs and crystal clear water.

6) St. John's, US Virgin Islands: Another beautiful beach location.  The white sand on Turtle Bay surrounded by lush vegetation is unbeatable.

7) Angor Wat, Cambodia: This is another Tikal-like location.  But this time the temples are bigger, and the carvings more erotic.  One of the world's greatest wonders.

8) Safari in southern Tanzania: You cannot beat seeing animals in their wild environs.  And southern Tanzania has some of the best game parks, but is so remote that few of the tourist crowds make it down here.  This is Africa as it should be: wild and beautiful.

9) Petra, Jordan: When I saw Indiana Jones, I didn't believe this place really existed.  And then I went to Petra, and could not believe my eyes at the temples carved into the canyon walls.  It's better in person than on any big screen.

10) Luxor, Egypt: The ingenuity and advanced science of the ancient Egyptians baffles the mind, and the scale of this city is almost overwhelming.  It is the best of Egypt.


karulm says:
Have to agree about Luxor, and hope to get to Petra next March. :) Thanks for sharing.
Posted on: May 27, 2007
portia says:
Thanks for putting St John's in your list, so at least I have been to one of your top ten destinations! Great list, I am envious.
Posted on: Mar 05, 2007
euphemy says:
I haven't been to any of these yet either. Thanks for #8- my friends and I are thinking about doing a safari in the future.
Posted on: Feb 26, 2007
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