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Humble Abode
Alright so maybe we didn't call it 'home' but it was nice to have a place to collect ourselves after a hard day at the beach.  Jaco is on the Pacific coast and an easy going place with warm waters.  Any of the condos along the strip are a block away from the sand if you're on the far side of the road.  The views are nothing to speak of unless you're into that whole Urban Restructuring scene but at least they're close to everything. If you choose to stay in a condo you may want to consider what you define as "necessity".  Hot water, for one.  The heaters on our showers were not functioning, but during the day who needs hot water anyway? 

I don't think I run a tight ship at home, but I do enjoy a clean space so our first night was spent getting our place up to par.
Wahoo's on the main drag
  We found the local grocer/super market (Mas X Menos) and got some disinfectant wipes and dish soap that oddly enough comes in a plastic bowl and is a scouring paste.  We improvised the hot water for dishes by boiling water on the stove top and brewing water in the coffee pot.  I found these quirks charming but some may be less inclined to love it.   

The 'locals' are beach bums from all eras and nationalities.  The Wahoo Bar is owned and operated by some American guy with an affinity for US Sports teams.   Then there's a Sheila working the bar at Fish Taco who is able to give you the run down on where to go without getting scalped.  She was the one to recommend our nightly hangout the Isaga and Wahoo's for breakfast casadas.  Then there are the real locals like our gate keeper who didn't speak much English but was able to muddle through my Spanish to be an immense help to us. 

The streets are lined with shops and ticos from other parts of Costa Rica, but we usually spent our money at the sodas and bars.  Most of their wares are imported from Indonesia, which is fine, but I wasn't visiting Indonesia and it was tough to find things made in Costa Rica other than consumables like coffee, Lizano and fruit.  I did bring back some dulces for the kiddos here and some pineapple marmalade from the local groceria but nothing to write home about. 

As for things to do in Jaco: of course the beaches are warm and the sand is fine.  So much so that I was still finding little bits of it in my ears months later.  That stuff gets everywhere!  I don't think my swimsuit will ever be without it now.  One of our days on the beach we were approached by man on a horse asking if we would like to go horseback riding.  John's initial reaction: "Only if there is a white horse involved and I can go shirtless!"  Okay, so he didn't actually say this but Steve was thinking it...I know he was... ;)  We ended up paying the man $40 for all of us and we met him on the beach later that day. 

I was kind of shocked that John would hand over any money without some guarantee that this man would keep his word and bring the horses, but when we got back to the beach there he was with a guide and four extra horses.  So much for the Doubting Thomas in me, John was right.  We started at one end of the beach and rode to the other.  I was ready to dismount and waited for the demand of another wad of colons to continue, but again I worried in vain.  The young Nicaraguan took us past the beach entrance and up into the hills.  There is an abandoned restaurant up there with some white Grecian pillars that makes for some pretty impressive views of the beach and ocean.  When you're on the beach in Jaco you can see the pillars sticking out of the trees.  It turned out to be one of my favorite things to do in Jaco. 

There are also a few bars but our favorite was the Isaga as I've mentioned before.  Here we got to see the "chow that is nice for the mens and the womens"  He was right, Imperial does know how to put on a fun show and made it fun for all of us.  Just remember:  "Forget the Ice" if you want to score the Imperial schwag.
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Humble Abode
Humble Abode
Wahoos on the main drag
Wahoo's on the main drag
photo by: anlis