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Soda Quixol

Steve is a buddy of John's college days at NAU.  So naturally I would become friends with Steve as our friends became one in the same.  Steve is a...well, "character" may be the best way to put it and when he gets an idea he runs with it and may drag several of us behind him.  My husband, John, on the other hand is methodical when it comes to big plans such as traveling out of the country...which may explain why this was his first time off North American soil.  We saved for a year and it was well worth every colon!  And it all came about over a dinner of chicken enchiladas as Steve decided it was time for us all to go exploring.  So his wife, Randi, and I checked flights, car rentals and condos to rent while John and Steve sorted out the details of how we were going to pay for this fantastic adventure.

Some place between Manuel Antonio and Jaco

We landed in San Jose (of course) on the 19th and rented a car.  With Steve's Army training apparently came the "How to Drive Like a Costa Rican" because he didn't hesitate to act just like 'em on the streets.  He attributed this handy skill to his months in Afghanistan to which we were all grateful.  Our first stop was for food.  The flight wasn't long, but I get hungry easily and you don't want to meet me when I'm hungry...visions of Ed Norton's rendition of a Marvel comic book character come to mind...shudder!  Anyway, along the roadside was a bright yellow beacon in the afternoon...the Soda Quixol.  Guiermo was working that afternoon and judging from his English we weren't his first Amercan tourists to stumble into his quiet cafe.

  Through my broken Spanish (it's bad...really...probably sounded something fit for a LOL Cat) and G's slightly better English we were able to decipher the fact that you need to find a Soda (lunch counter) and order from them if you plan to have any money in your pocket by the end.  If it's in English you will pay the American prices. 

Okay, so we were set for the trip into Jaco, so what should we have for lunch?  Well the Costa Rican specialty of casadas.  Marriage??  Um sure...we seem to be liking the ones we're in so why not?  Casadas, the traditional lunch choice came with gallo pinto, huevos y bistek.  what we didn't realize is it would be the sauce that we would be addicted to and need to have it imported to us months later.

..Lizano.  Not quite spicy this salsa is a product of Costa Rica.  You can't make true gallo pinto (Costa Rican rice and beans) without it and it makes eggs...well, just so darn tasty!  This wouldn't be the only highlight to our first moments in Costa Rica...just the beginning!

Now I'm not a coffee goes straight to my head and my hands and I'm shaking for hours.  But cafe seemed like the logical choice especially since the coffee comes to you as a pot of hot water, a sock with ground coffee and an empty cup.  Placing the cup under the sock (that is suspended on a small wooden apparatus) you then pour the hot water over the coffee and voila...the best coffee I have ever spite of the sock it just came from :)  A little milk and sugar and this cup of joe is delightful.  On my return from CR, I would come back a changed woman: no longer could I allow the sludge in the Teacher's Lounge to pass as potable...I was a coffee SNOB!  Ack!!  And then there was that whole salsa addiction to come to terms with.  we bought 3 bottles, but I didn't think that would be enough.  And sure enough, this last August we had to have some shipped to us....  It's fun being right!

goezi says:
Hmm, I had better find an old sock for when I go to East Timor and have to pick my own coffee beans for the morning brew.
Posted on: Nov 16, 2008
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Soda Quixol
Soda Quixol
Some place between Manuel Antonio …
Some place between Manuel Antonio…
Tasty Treat
Tasty Treat