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This morning I awoke to a gray sky. From the looks of it, it was snowing and a fierce storm was brewing. Except, this day is no colder than the one before it, in fact, it is 92 degrees.

I awoke the last in my house of course, and saw that all seven of our cars were completely covered in ash. As I brushed my teeth I realized that falling from the sky were memories and homes, echoing of a lifetime. As fire trucks roar up and down the streets, I am amazed to see the reverence of the Los Angeles drivers to these vehicles. Usually, cars will slow and pull to the right, never stopping, and immediately accelerating once the ambulance/fire truck/police car passes. But not today. Today, both sides of traffic kindly pull to the right, fully stopping, and allowing these brave men to easily race past us, as they seek to preserve our lives as we know them.

In moments like this we are united--- I have a common ground to speak to anyone I see. We are all breathing the same ashy air, watching the same news reports on the fires, retreating to the same air-conditioned coffee shops to catch a cool breeze and a fresh breath. I join in conversation with a friend, as we ironically watch a group of smokers through the window exchanging words over cigarettes--- except today they don't need an ash tray as the ground has already become one itself. I watch two customers engage in meaningful conversation with the lady working the coffee shop, all spawned by an initial conversation about the fires. 

Events like this fire bring us back to our roots. Today, we are treating each other as if we are all from the same village; we are respecting each other, engaging each other--- recognizing each other as real people. How did we get so detached to begin with? How do we so routinely allow ourselves to ignore, and mistreat people as though we are not one of the same, constantly seeking to elevate ourselves above the rest?

Bu today, it’s different. Today, it’s snowing, and we all know why.

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