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So... we get breakfast at a random cafe and order take out sandwiches after a weird night of running around the hotel and drawing silly maps. Today we headed for Bangkok and were looking forward to it as our flight was on 9th December (the day after we got in) but it was another stupidly long bus journey and we were not looking forward to it. It was about 1.30 and a we heard a guy pounding on the front desk and realised he was after us so after picking up our bags, we headed for the rickety old minivan and climbed aboard with some other randoms and sped away into the sunset. The driver picked up 2 women on the way and instead of watching the road, he fawned all over the two young girls hovering in the front.

When they got out he glared at the customers piled in the back with luggage squished down by our feet stopping the circulation. He then began to speed up until the van was shuddering violently and we hit another car, we all clung on tight while the guys in the back shouted for him to slow down in thai. He carried on regardless while we swung every which way and eventually he stopped and the guy he'd hit got out but he just turned round to me, teetering on the edge of a seat that was broken and swung back and forth as we moved and said, "don't worry, he works for me." Yeah... cos that reassured me!! We just about managed to get to the next destination in one piece but we were all riled and ready to sort the guy out but he just stood and eyeballed us and instead threw our bags on the ground and turned his music up loud. We did not deserve that when none of us to my recollection had even said boo to a goose!

We sat down and munched our sandwiches waiting for our next bus but after an hour of waiting we were ushered into an open back taxi and driven to the bus stp where we had to wait in a mosquito infested cafe for another hour til said VIP bus to Bangkok turned up. We climbed aboard and snuggled down for the night but the bus was tooing and froing and it was difficult to sleep with the air con blasting out and only a thin sheet to keep me from shivering. At 4.50am we were thrown off the bus at what was said to be khao san road-hmmmph... yeah, if you walk a few hundred metres! So we trundled down the streets with our packs and tried to check into new joes but they were expensive and only had big beds so we opted for rainbow hostel like normal so after collecting our big bags from the storage room at NJ's, we fed our hunger with a bed and a shower but we were right on the front of our hostel so we could hear the music from the nearby nightclubs ripping through the dead of night until about 7 am and by that point i was so knackered i could've cried. We slept in til about 4pm and then I headed to the net to sort out some photos until Linds was up and we could go get food. But after checking the net we realised we had another day in bangkok as we'd got the date of our flight wrong-lucky that we checked so we just punded the streets and posted some more posties back home.

After some food we walked the length and breadth of khao san road watching men leer over ladybodys not being sober enough to notice the difference and we had a few cocktails-I had yet another classic-a G-Spot-yack!! And then we after a few san miguel lights and a bit of banter with some northerners in a bar we filtered out into the dark night to go dance like headless chickens at gullivers right into the wee hours but we talked to people back home instead and ourselves as we were in different parts of the bar and then we hit khao san for late night pizza and a game of "Ladyboy Tig" The aim of the game is to spot as many ladyboys as possble and whoever sees the most, wins!! I won when lindsay spotted a Hitler lookalike stumbling down the street ahead of us. She almost choked on her pizza! Then we went back to the land of slumber.

Next day after a hard night trying to sleep again I got up early and headed to upload some more photos before being joined by Lindsay about 3 hours later and then we had a nice wee italian breakfast sandwich to pass the time and then off we trundled to the post office to try and cut the wait of our baggage to a minimum for our blessed flight the next day but mine was just over 3kilos so the guy hacked at the box until it shot down to dead on 3 and saved me a few pennies more. When the posting was all present and correct we headed to a call centre to wish my gran a happy birthday but to my surprise there was no reply and after 5 more attempts, I gave it up as a bad job and spent the rest of the day uploading my photos to the net. It was about 10pm when I headed back to the hotel and lindsay was reading her book so I packed my bag and then we headed to New Joes guesthouse to get some grub and a beer.

We wandered up and down khao san, by this time it was almost 12 and eventually we sat down and spent our last night in a cosy little bar sharing a san miguel light under the stars. Shortly after parking our bottoms we were joined by an American guy who was teaching us all about the method of scientology and how we were supposedly brought to earth by aliens and dropped in a volcano from which we shot out and grouped to make colonies but we wondered how we could get across to England from the said volcano. Apparently it was survival of the fittest and anyone who's alive today swam or flew but basically just made it. Well... what a load of codswallop!!! After giggling our heads off with aaron the american we trotted back to the room where the walls were vibrating from the music across the road-even ear plugs wouldn't cut it this time so we both lay in bed tossing and turning until 8am when the noise died down-boooo!!

I was up with the lark at 9am and showered and dressed before running up the street to the post office to post some more christmas stuff home for the family. Today was a busy day and so I ran like the wind, only to find that it didn't open til 10 so i hovered around for a while buying tiger balm for my bitten legs and a small present for my mum before filing off to the post office to send my bargains back home. Then i went to check my email until 11 when i had to wake up lindsay and get ready for our flight. We piled all our crap into a black bag and all the important bstuff into our rucksacks. We padlocked all 3 bags and headed for breakfast, then checking out we left our bags to the side while we went to print off our plane ticket but the cleaner didn't look entirely happy as our bin overflowed with junk from our bags and so she muttered "sweet nothings" under her breath purely in spite!

The plane tickets we had in our bags were different and had different times imprinted on them. One said 7.15pm flight to Sydney and the other 5.25 so we didn't know which was which but took the 5.25 one as gospel and booked a minivan to the airport for 1pm so we got there and were able to sit together but inbetween, we stopped at a massage parlour and CJ got a tattoo emblazoned on her back-small and simple but with a good meaning behind it-it didn't hurt but yet i feared the wors but don't tell my parents or i'll be disowned. After being covered in cling film and scrubbed down we ran to get our bags and then the minivan which was chocka with tourists on a mission to get to the airport in time but the bus was running late and so they panicked a little. We sat chatting to two irish girls and an older lady from Essex exchanging tales of old and general travel laughs and I've got to say that they were some of the nicest people I have met since being abroad and it made the journey go fast and seem comfortable despite the 16 of us squished face up against windows!

We made it to the airport in one piece and no brushes with death this time and so we checked in and pondered life in australia, feeling depressed by our lack of funds for the said trip but excited about a new place to romp around. We sat and read for a couple of hours and then headed to have our hand luggage scanned however they weren't particularly strict and they only just about noticed lindsay's bottle of water discarded in the bottom of her bag. After the scan we walked some more to our departure lounge and then had our bags checked briefly once more before being ushered to the waiting area. After 20 minutes of us standing around looking gormless we were allowed to get on the plane and so we took our seat deep down in the heart of the plane (the back) and rested our weary bodies but the plane was virtually empty which was weird considering the backlog there must be from the protests and so we got to spread out unofficially. During the flight, the air con was cranked up and we sat and shivered our way through the night missing out on sleep once more-great! We ate good food though but pity about the movie, "Beverly Hills Chihuahua", about a dog who is spoilt and gets put in a dog fight in mexico when stolen by crooks, it even had a voice. What a load of rubbish!!

We arrived about 6.30am local time in oz and proceeded to immigration and then to get our bags while sniffer dogs tootled through customs smelling bag after bag searching for banned items such as anything made of wood, or bits of soil or whatever-craziness!! I had to declare my medication and so we were ushered over to a desk and an elderly gentleman with his arm in pot filed through my bag and didn't even question any of the meds despite the fact i bought some of it in Thailand-clearly not that strict. We managed to get through customs quick and headed for the door to find buses but it cost a bomb and so we figured we'd try make the train instead. The train was overflowing with commuters and we were just causing a blockage while wedged in the doorway with our many bags but after a while we made it into Kings Cross and after mastering the escalator while clinging on to our bags we wandered about aimlessly checking out hostels but we were shattered so just took the one nearest even though a cockney girl had told us it was rancid! Well... what do you expect for the red light district!? but it is meant to be the centre of Sydney, in our defence.

The room was sharing with 5 boys but we didn't care-it was the cheapest and so we plodded up to the top floor with a clunk clunk and fell through the door of room 26 onto the floor. We quickly found our beds and whispered our way through the kerfuffle while the guys in bed stirred around us. I got a shower and went out to meet lorraine while lindsay mulled away the day in bed. Lorraine showed me about a bit and then took me to O'malleys Irish bar to while away my day with a jug of beer or 3-the only cheap thing I've seen in sydney, actually. The clock struck 2 and I headed back to Cooee Hostel to sleep for a few hours and finally made it up about 8pm when me and lindsay headed for tea but everywhere we went was expensive so we settled on a nearby cafe-the cheapest of a bad bunch but sadly the spaghetti meatballs was laden with chilli powder and even a lover of spicy food like me couldn't polish it off as my mouth was on fire. Then lindsay had a try and her eyes almost popped out of her head-hmmmm.... I wasn't kidding!! We then trawled the nearby area looking for cheap chocolate but to no avail so we just headed back to the dorm.

Outside the room stood a wiley guy trying to break into the room, he was northern (wakefield) so what did I expect (sorry nick!) but we got chatting and had a laugh until the wee hours and are planning to do some extreme sports when in new zealand if we're about at the same time but he's a chicken so I'm there to push him off the bungee and to just outdo him ;) Then came shouting and screaming and things being smashed and thrown against the door. Apparenly it was the crackheads upstairs. Nice... Totally feel safe now in this hostel but I guess it is only for one night but we all headed to the bathrooms gingerly, one by one, in case we got spotted and attacked! l fell into slumber about 1am but in the middle of the night we awoke to, "yeah, how are you? i love you nan" then silence, "i met these two girls right..." Was someone on the phone?? NO, It was nick-he was shouting in his sleep and spent about 2 hours having conversations with himself. Me and Lindsay rolled about laughing and in the morning he got some serious ribbing!!

Today after looking for cheap hostels or whatever and finally giving up we booked into our place for another night-eeeeek.. and then after lugging our stuff back upstairs and chaining it down to the bed we headed out for our first macdonalds since being away but believe me-the only reason we did it was cos it was cheap, honest, gareth!!! Then we went for a jug of tooheys and rested our stressed heads for a while and immersed ourselves in the sunderland/manu game. Then like the boring women we are spent the afternoon washing our dirty linen and watching South Park and America's Next Top Model on the box. We were basically stuck for what to do when we saw an add offering a free lift to Newcastle so we grabbed it with both hands even though we have never met these guys before but they don't look crazy-just ginger!! And so tomorrow afternoon we are travelling with two possible serial killers up to Newcastle and then onwards the next day to the Gold Coast so if you don't hear from me for a few days-love you long time!! I do not want to be in the sequel to the hitcher or anything so sinister so fingers crossed, kids!!

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photo by: Sunflower300