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So after our epic motorbike trip we went to buy our first taste of goan chocolate-choc pops. they were just indian poppets, really but all the same... it was goood. after seeing snakes n the beach for the last couple of days we figured it best not to trot up to arambol alone, late at night so intead got a taxi. we had an amazing meal at loeki's-even had french fries for the first time in two weeks, then we sat and yokelled with the locals but sadly we had a curfew and so when the clock struck 10 we hurried back to our taxi and set sail back to mandrem and the toor resort for beddy byes while i sat by the tv wide awake from my banana daiquri i pondered the next few days and the plan was to get up early so i set my alarm and lay my head down before long it was 10.30 and time to bust a groove.

We eventually made it downstairs at 12 and planned to take a taxi up to arambol to do some washing, do the whole net thing and get some brekky but the people at the hotel were adamant that they wanted to do our washing so least that was one thing less to worry about-well... it was until he asked if we'd made a list of what garments we had.. er... no. but we braved it and told them it'd be ok nervously awaiting the fate of our delicates...! We clambered into our chauffeur driven taxi and sped off to arambol for breakfast cum lunch on the beach.. chocolate pancakes and banana lassi's, was this as good as it got!? i think so...

After relaxing and taking a wee stroll on the beach, breathing in the hot and heavy sea air we followed the hustle and bustle through the town and went to the market lined fairway. Down a side street i spotted a tiny shop flowing with brightly coloured scarves and hurried inside it's crimson archway littered with incense perfumes and tired chocolate smells. I immediately spotted a dress and decided to make a bartered purchase but i was fair as the quality was to die for, then lindsay haggled for what seemed like hours while i sat being entertained by the shopkeeper into the late afternoon. He ran incense up the small of my arm and we giggled like teenagers while i described what the essences reminded me of. Then we played he box game, he told me he would buy me a drink if i could open the box that he placed in the palm of my hand, i laughed and said that it was a trick but he howled with laughter and told me that he was a fair man and wouldn't deny me the chance of winning so for what seemed like hours but was probaly only ten minutes i writhed in pain around this box, racking my brains before he finally showed me that it slid diagonally and that i was close just not that close-git!!

Afterwards we popped over to loeki's for an ice cold beer to relax but a guy from the night before recognised me and made me swear to sing at the party next evening, i huffed and puffed but still conferred to a maybe-didn't want to get his hopes up!! After a laid back afternoon we pondered back towards the beach but along the road and through a haggered wood while the rain danced over our hot fleshy bodies getting heavier and heavier until my body was sand, sun and sea drenched and i looked a wee bit bedraggled!! Hurriedly i got changed into what remaining clothes i had from the washing as it still wasn't back-booooo... even my mum doesn't take this long over a pair of knickers or 3 and some other clothes! We set off back into the rain over the rebuilt jetty and bolted up the beach to cock's town for dinner and a beverage by the sea, we settled into our front row seats as the lightning belted the shore, bouncing off every tiny shell there was and lighting up the night sky like a chorus of angels.. it was beautiful to watch and by this time the sky was clear and not a drop of rain in sight!!

Then we bar crawled up the beach knocking back gin and orange, gin and 7up, white russians and beer until our stomachs were sore with laughing so hard and drinking too much beer.  From cock's town-dreamcatcher, to the motorbike bar, to loeki's... we tiptoed along the dusty streets looking for a taxi but it would seem that none run past midnight! So we pleaded with a guy from an internet cafe to help us out, he searched high and low but to no avail-he then offered us 150 and we side saddled it back with him. Now i know my mum tells me not to talk to strangers but we had to do something so we agreed and hopped on the back of his bike enjoying a 10 minute ride until he sped off into some jungle, through a wooded area, into the dark-i have to admit that at this point i definitely had my doubts about his honesty. He ditched us in the wood while he walked over to a dimly lit house speckled with ivy, before taking us to a garage thicker in the wood where we jumped into his car and followed our goal of getting safely home-phew!!!

Next morning as we sat and waited for our tired washing, the locals made us food and we ate in front of the tv before embarking on a stride up the beach for the rest of the day. Still our washing was unaccounted for-ggggrrrrreeeeaaaat! We went to see our husband at the first bar we hit on the very first day who said we could live with him, he seemed upset when we spent a mere matter of minutes with him sipping our banana milkshakes into oblivion then we set off across the other side of the island, across the rocks, the waves crashing below us as we headed for sweet lake. We sat watching the bathers search for youth in the blue waters at the back of the island, the jungle to the left of us had hawkers everywhere. A young girl came and placed a rug beneath us and began chatting in the best english i have heard in india and for a 10 year old!! Apparently us tourists do something right.. eg. teaching the islanders our lingo but most of the inhabitants of goa just come down for the summer season as it is where the money is made, they are not actually goan.  After the girl selling us some jewellery and a sheet of cloth we stumbled our hazy bodies back to the outback bar heading over the cliffs and sat in a daze watching the waves play with the rocks below.

Soon it was about 6 and the sun was beginning to set so we set back through the now unlit marketplace towards loeki's for the evening entertainment. We sat with our vegetarian meals watching the british tackle wonderwall-ps. they did NOT know the words!? that's almost impossible and then they jammed on guitars and layed melodies into the night along with our goan friend who expected me to get up and start the night off! 9pm and time to head back-the train was at 8.30, the jourey to the station took 2 hours which meant we had to get up by 5. Still the washing was damp and not ironed so by the end of the night our room looked like a chinese laundry with all assortment of garments hanging from the walls and fittings.

Well... there's only one 5 in my day and it was the pm kind but i made it up first. Hit the showers then packed franically before saying my goodbyes in the pitchblack-again, the power had gone and so i was stalking my way around with a torch! The taxi driver was kind and was telling me all about his education but said the only way to make money in goa was to get a bar or become a taxi driver and it sounded sad when he had done all but one year of his education to become a teacher! We jumped out and hit the station, lounging in the ladies room til we heard the familiar choo choo hit the platform.  We ran to our seats and melted into the crisp clean cushions before sleeping our way through a 12 hour train journey but this train was empty and cooler than the last and not so infested with bugs-in fact, i only saw one!!!

Then we got to the last stop and waited for people to launch themselves off before we attempted to move. We stumbled upon a taxi driver who took us to khar and our hotel for 400 rupees but when he let us out he demanded more money, while lindsay argued.. i told him to jog on and crossed the gap to our hotel covered in big heaps (hives) due to an extreme allergy to deet but then if i don't wear it-i get bitten more. I cannot win!!! We checked in about midnight and squashed into our squalid lift (bearing in mind, this place was lindsay's choice and she thought chembur was bad) This hotel has no words.. it has a cockroach infested fridge, a hovering toilet, a dirty bed, dirty towel, dirty curtains, dirty menu... you get the picture. it is just so dark and dank. Today we trekked over to where my godmother is staying and hit the irish bar but the beer and spirits were at english prices so we didn't stay long and so now we're back at the hotel.. living in squalor until tomorrow.. keep reading, kids xxxx
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