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well... after that last email we tottered home, banged on the shutter, got let in by a weary member of staff and then scuttled off to bed but all of a sudden i felt the room spin and felt really sick so i bolted to the bathroom and spent 20 minutes vomiting my guts up like a trooper and then i stumbled back into bed with pools of sweat dripping from my brow and after a while i found that i couldn't move and if i did i would vomit again, so i spent the night trying to keep very still but realistically that wasn't going to work so instead i spent the night cuddling the toilet like it was my only friend and even kipped on the bathroom floor until i felt stable enough to crawl back to my bedroom and drown my sorrows in my bed but beads of sweat cascaded down my body yet i was frozen and so the next day with me rooted to my bed and yet not sleeping, i lay fragile like a little glass doll. Encouraged by Lindsay to get up after about 3 hours of no vomiting and no moving.. I shuffled my broken body off the bed and as soon as i did, i knew what was coming-green foam off my chest but i was wretching so hard i couldn't breathe and so fumbled back to bed and hid under the covers once more whhile lindsay hurried out to get me some liquids to drink but i couldn't even manage them and the tv was shocking so i lay staring at the ceiling for hours on end til she came back complete with hotel woman who checked my temperature, told me i looked like crap and then told lindsay what i needed to bring down my temperature, give me energy and stop me being sick.

After a trip to the pharmacist, Lindsay came back with some liquid capsules, some tablets and a million bottles of water which the hotel woman was clutching and making me up various concoctions with. I lay clutching my covers to my chest and attempting to sleep the worst of it off but my body felt bruised so i took some cocodamol to numb the pain and the next thing i knew, it was 6 o'clock and i was woozy but able to climb out of bed without being sick-success!! We stumbled into town clutching my concoctions and met up with a hyper mark who was beaming after seeing the first people he knew in like weeks of travelling. We headed for food but all I could muster was a sandwich and even that didn't go down very well. As Linz and Mark drank wI stumbled back to the hotel but took the wrong road, after staring around like a mad woman, I realised what i'd done and so headed back the way I came and 5 minutes later I was tucked up in bed watching more crap on tv. I was sick again and at the end of my tether but after some more meds and extra painkillers i shuffled off into a deep sleep and was only awoken by the beep beeping of the alarm sounding that it was time to go to Angkor Wat.

We went for breakfast at Temple Bar and then back to the hotel to find my memory card before jogging onto a tuktuk and floating away to Angkor Wat looking at all the temple buildings and getting lost. I was seperated fro Linz and Mark so I wandered around the maze staring like a crazed woman at people aiming to find my way out but couldn't so I took the entrance/no exit signs instead cos I was getting hot and bothered! Loads of people were getting married in the grounds and some were filming a bollywood film which was random and so I had to fight my way to the exit where I found a bored looking lindsay and Mark. The temples take forever to go round and you can even buy a week ticket but we fitted in all but a few in just one day but ost of them were either prohibited because of the structure or had signs saying, "climb at your own risk" as the stairs were sheer and unforgiving. Every few minutes you had hawkers at your feet, many of them children or security forcing their way over to you to check your photocard.

After a full mountaineering/history lecture of a day we headed back in our tuktuk and went to get dinner before indulging in a cake fest but mark was trying to be clever and got two and couldn't finish them-eyes bigger than head, me tinks and I couldn't face chocolate so had something plain while Lindsay opted for a kahlua drenched ice cream dessert, then it was the net before a trip to the market. A rather unconventional market in which they had baths filled with fish who eat your dead skin or give a massage (as they put it!) After trotting around, we said our goodbyes and headed back to the hotel for some shut eye. Next day we had to get up for a bus to phnom penh. The bus was like a boat-it swayed vigorously from side to side like a catamaran in stormy seas but it just about managed to get us there in one piece but the hotel we had booked into had mugged us off and the room we had paid for had been given away so after checking the room we were to be given, we grumbled then set off up the road where we found a cheaper room. The tuktuk driver was in pursuit as he'd tried to mug us off with the price of the journey to said guesthouse but we told him straight. After telling the world and his wife what bad tourists we were, he finally settled for the lesser price and whhined his way off, back into town whila a little girl sorted ourt a room in the guesthouse nearest to the sunday one where we were supposed to stay.

We had dinner in the centre and then faded off into a supermarket where i stocked up on liquids and liquorice for the next day on the road, then it was bedtime but no sooner had we shut our eyes than we had to get up-5am to be exact. We struggled awake and went to stand outside to get the minivan, then we got to the bus station and wearily climbed aboard the main bus looking whacked. We both fell asleep and inbetween sleep fidgeted or played music so our journey would fly away. We stopped a few times but we were too comatosed to move so we fell back asleep and then we hit the border where we all got off to change bus and get photographed so we could go back into thailand for another 30 days! After walking about 1/2km to the thai border we shifted through the queues pretty quick and then we were thrown onto a minivan with a tower of our bags but mid journey one was about to fall on a thai girl so we all jumped up to grab it and then lightened the load above her head by scattering bags about the carriage like a sensible person would've done, rather than play jenga. Then we arrived in khao san and headed for new joe's guesthouse, ate food, booked a jungle trek for 3days in pai and so tomorrow we chill and i try and get rid of my lergi once and for all.

So... this is where my latest tale ends... I am still alive... JUST!!!

love from cj and la la la lindsay xx
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