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So.... we were planning on doing vietnam in 8days but that soooooooooo hasn't happened and we're probably on our 10th day now but hey... things are getting better with the weather and the places are getting tidier. So, where was I??

We woke up bright and early next morning and tried to book ourselves onto an open tour coach down the coast to saigon which meant we could hop on and off at any point-cool beans and at $29 it was a steal for the amount of mileage we'd be doing. That morning we went for breakfast at a nearby hotel and then checked out before clambering onto some old geezers bikes and being whisked away to see some of the local sights. We whizzied past perfume river and arrived at a temple narrowly missing a bus that had the aim of knocking me off my motorbike! The bikes were stupidly racing, how novel is that?? two old dudes playing off against one another but the guy i was riding with was intent on getting me filthy and ploughed through the puddles like a man on a mission. The sights in Hue were pretty bland and the most exciting thing we saw was young buddhist monks getting their heads shaved but i'm sure they're not allowed material goods and yet they were palying with ipods and cameras AND phones-what is the world coming too, eh?? then we clambered back on and were shewed off to a fort and trundled around this pointless palace fort thing for about 30 minutes before we got bored and gave in taking our tired saddlesore behinds back to the centre and leaping onto a sleeper bus to the city of hoi an.

The bus was immense-a lot better than the warped local buses that we'd had the misfortune of riding through most of laos and parts of vietnam. A nice leather bed with detachable pillow and foot rest and it was only a 4 hour journey-get in!!! We arrived in hoi an about 6 and flitted between hotels before finally deciding on the bus company's one and after bartering the price we got a cheap room and settled our backpacks full of goodies down on the beds before sauntering around the local area and getting grub at Jean's Cafe! All the tailors in hoi an housed beautiful clothes and shiney shoes but budget budget budget so we declined fittings and fancy clothes and opted for a beer instead. That night we hired a dvd player and tried to watch the naughty one's that we bought in hanoi but i came back up to the room to find lindsay in fits of laughter-her dvd's were not what they were labelled and she ended up with some random crap where as mine apart from rock n rolla and vickycristinabarcelona were spot on. It's not like the time when i was in thailand and madagascar had the subtitles to american pie and batman begins was russian!! So i sat through get smart-crap (lindsay's) and the women which was pretty ok and then fell into slumberland with a thud.

Next day i got up early planning a day trip but linz was feeling unwell so i had to venture out on my own while she hogged the tv and watched films all day. I tottered down to the river and spent the day walking the length and breadth of it before heading to the local market for some goodies and i bought a hat with the vietnam star on so i look like a criminal now-it's kinda army style-ah well... then i got some juice and beer and headed back to the hotel where lindsay was still sprawled on the bed watching dvds so i collapsed after my mini adventure and watched the dvds for the rest of the night occasionally fidgeting to flick the fan up or down. Next day lindsay got up and we hit the local treats cafe and had lunch (we don't get up early if we don't have to) then bolted out the hotel to the market and book exchange before settling the rest of the afternoon with local brew-hmmmph... in english that means watered down beer but for 4 bucks-i'd still drink it.

Back to the hotel for 6 to get the bus to nha trang but it wasn't a sleeper and so we sat looking defeated on the steps-a 12 hour bus journey but on a tight leathery bus that grunted when it moved-vip, my backside!! Seen hamsters travel in balls faster and better than this particular bus and just as we made a joke about all our buses being old or broken down, we suddenly heard a rumble from beneath, then a screech, then a cough and the bus jolted and then nothing... yet another knackered bus-oh the joy!! This time it was the gears-he couldn't change gear so in the process it clunked around awkwardly and threw us around as it cut out every few minutes throughout the night but after a tinker here and there every so often, the bus would writhe in agony but eventually splutter back into life.

I couldn't sleep so spent the night talking to our neighbour, an irish bloke sat behind us and attempted to read the book in front of me under torchlight but there was a crazed red haired woman sat before me who kept trying to push her chair back on me but i was having none of it and so fought my corner and in the end she moved seats-ha!!! She had two seats anyway so why did she need to crush me who was sharing with lindsay!? I have totally wised up since my first bus journey!! We arrived into nha trang at 6am and ploughed into a room for 6 bucks-bargainous!! It was basic and had a tv on a chair by the door but it suited our budget and we were near the beach so we didn't plan to spend too long in the room. After a shower and coffee we headed out into the sunlight and faltered down to the beach to catch some rays but lindsay was still stomach cramping and had bad diaorhea so in the end she decided to head to hospital.

The doctor's were very friendly and it was a lot cleaner than african hospitals and so we were ushered through in front of everyone else but an ultrasound and checks on her throat failed to show up anything and so it wasn't anything too serious like malaria which people kept putting into her mind!!! Just travellers sickness. So no need to panic! The rest of the day she rested while i wandered about the city running errands for her and doing my thing-tottering along the beach and posting cards etc.

The day after she was feeling better so we hit the bar for breakfast and headed for some rays at the beach, the waves were thunderously crashing around us while we laid bareback on the beach but i got burnt to the extent where i can't sit down properly or walk so after reading another chapter i headed for the shade but just before i did, i got nipped by a lil critter. A flaming crab had crawled into my trousers that were sandy coloured-it was the size of a frog-large one and it was not shifting from my pants as i waved them around frantically trying to dislodge the little monster but eventually it lost it's fight and scuttled off up the bay, to my relief.

We then needed ice cream plus figured it would cheer up the wife (lindsay) so we headed to an italian ice cream parlour and filled our aching bellies with banana, chocolate and caramel ice creams before melting into our seats to fat to move an inch. We sat there a while chattiong to an english bloke and invited him out for a few drinks that night as it had been a while since a town had seen our faces at night so we flitted back to the hotel and changed, then i went a wandering round the city that i'd seen so little of and after getting lost for an hour eventually found the hotel and we got dinner and headed out for a few beers. Patrick (irish dude from bus) and Simon (british dude from ice cream parlour) made up our merry throng and we went to sit by the beach watching the waves crush the shore late into the evening with a cold beer before heading for guava and entertaining it's buy one get one fee policy on bellini's! Simon and i sat and giggled as patrick made the schoolboy error of yawning and stretching his arm around lindsay but she didn't seem to notice, then he began slurring and even tried to walk into the women's toilets-hmmmph... not such a gentleman now, are we paddy??

We headed off to another bar, the red apple club and then i walked a tired lindsay back before joining the boys for another quick drink-i had to go back cos i was babysitting simon's wallet and it would've been cruel to do a runner! We sat outside mellowing and talking about home and suddenly paddy fell through the door in the middle of our conversation and started telling us how heroin addicts weren't bad people-he should know-he lived with them. We ripped him to pieces and his attempt to save himself was... least they died doing something they loved-enough said-definition of a plonker!! So when he went to the toilet-we made a run for it and left the bar and after being walked home i scuttled off to bed on the top floor with lindsay carefully snoozing away.

This morning it was another early start and another bus but again it was a sleeper so i jumped onto the top bunk and snoozed the first few wee hours of the day away before being woken up by a chug chug chug... luckily the bus hadn't broken doen but with it being a double decker it tended to bounce around an awful lot for a bus and so i kept getting splattered against the window like a bloody fly! But least there were nice views outside-the white and yellow sand dunes danced in the distance-mint, i was in heaven. We got thrown off the bus at another hanh cafe connection hotel and soem guy approached us offering us a room after a lot of indecision and bartering we got him down to $14 and lets just say it is well worth it-we have a balcony with sunloungers, a showerr big enough for 20 people, 2 double beds, a fridge, minibar and air con and we're 2 minutes from the beach so it's all gravy!!

Then we went for lunch but sadly they served up raw chicken and bits of meat that they called beef so we jotted down to the wax bar, where the full moon party is tonight and the american dude who welcomed us, his birthday party and had a nice refreshing drink and lunch. Then this girl sat with her mum called over to us asking if we knew her-we were like no. she said she recognised us and after a lot of random, how do we know each other moments-we finally worked it out-she was on the same boat at the full moon and had seen me drag that stupid irish boy from the water. So after another hour of chat we decided to head back to the hotel after doing the decent thing and catching you all up on the gossip but later we shall entertain yet another full moon party but with supersoaker guns full of free whisky.

Don't worry parentals-i am sensible ;)

so alas i must go and socialise once more... love to all.

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Mui Ne
photo by: TrudyNRonnie