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So we got up next day feeling tender and still laughing from the night before, chorley was confused as to why we were up so early but it was like half 10-bless his muppet socks!! Then we ran over to reception-gave the key in with minutes to spare and then dumped our bags til later on. Stumbling down to brekky we laughed over the fact that no one could get the body paint off them, their cameras, bags, hair, anything but least we still glowed!! We sat and had breakfast while i ducked and hid from irish, then went to sunbathe on the beach-we mushed into the sand and rested a while before 7/11 panic buying for the bus journey to bangkok-a thrilling 15 hours-bus AND boat.

We bribed the people at our hostel to carry our bags right down to the pier-it was miles, lets be fair then we climbed aboard with our laiden rucksacks settling into our cool air conned seats and dozing for the entirety of the journey, 2 hours later we hit krabi and sat and waited in a dingy cafe at the pier before clambering onto a "VIP" bus-vip, my ass. I was sat next to a dutch guy who snored, had bad breath and fell asleep on me til i woke him. His mate sat in front trying to push the seat back as far as it would go but my knees were against it-i had no legroom as it was-lets not take away the little bit i have. He spent an hour moaning before deciding to mosh on the floor in the aisle-hahaha, i won. Steph lost though and had an irish dude squashing her and pinning her to her seat-inconsiderate bloke! We sat and watched old school die hard 2 and hitman which was random before getting off for tea, then randomly getting woken up at 1am for more tea, then 5am in bangkok after that epic journey-we were the definition of buggered!! We wandered aimlessly about bangkok looking for accommodation but to no avail-we were screwed, everywhere was booked!!

We left lindsay at the four sons place which had rooms but was pricey while we threw ourselves into finding a bed for the night. While we were gone-lindsay was serenaded by a fat israeli guy who was being rude to her so we were glad when we found a cheap and cheerful place that we could get into right then and there-rainbow guesthouse. It had aircon-mint but our shower and toilet were a floor below us-random but we took the 2 double beds and waited for nuala. Nuala equally as confused as us took the first room she could find so we were seperated and she had her own room in new joe's where we were told that there was no beds for the night-lies!!

We awoke about one to the sound of my phone ringing then got up and headed out for lunch before heading to find the missing link of our group-nuala. We persuaded her to come out and so we went shopping while she got ready and then we headed back to get our gladrags on and go out for the night. We had yet another beer tower in shamrock.. center khao san but this time it was between 4 of us, this was when a weary jason stumbled over-looking drunk as usual! We tried to get him to the ladyboys again but no-loser ;)

Then we headed to the roof bar where we taught lindsay the superman song and sang along to old classics and general crap like boyzone and take that songs!! Pity the guy ruined wonderwall though-he sang it WAAAAAAAY too fast! Mug!! Then we stole some dudes hat and glasses for photos-oh we're like rabid dogs when we get going but the guy took an instant liking to lindsay and sat almost on her lap (he was about 60!!!) I told him her name was teresa green and to dedicate a song to her but after a while he got scary and so we shared a chair so he couldn't come near and my foot was looped around the other so no one could pull it out!!

After cocktails and beer like all classy ladies we got street food-the old classic, kebab!! but it was goooood!! This was when some strange australian dude made a play for me-yak, in asking where i came from, i replied with my best yorkshire accent, germany and proceeded to tell him about bavaria-him not even twigging what i was saying and steph was from outer mongolia, lindsay and nuala-random other places. He asked me to stay to take him back to his hostel and the thai guys laughed when we retorted it's over there, mate and legged it leaving him on his bill!!

Next day we did cheap ass shopping just off khao san road and got breakfast in our usual place before heading book shopping and buying tacky souvenirs. We headed back to joe's for tea then said goodbye to the girls who'd spent almost 2 weeks with us-they headed to chiang mai while we stayed behind and did some more shopping and beer drinking. We ate some street food-chicken kebabs then banana chocolate pancakes and then we hid from lindsay's old man stalker who drives around in a chintzy outfit on a cart playing crap music trying to entice you into roof bar!! Then off to gullivers for a cheap cocktail and some pool which i lost miserably at before heading to boots for yet more medicinal drugs then home.

Today was a mish mash-we had a brainwave of buying a new bag and taking out some of our crap from our rucksacks so this morning we got up early to do just that, after buying the bag, we ploughed our crap deep inside, flung it by the reception desk and then went to eat. We then went shopping but got lost and so took a tuktuk to a pier nearby and took a river taxi along the bangkok river (don't know the name) bought a day ticket and so headed to see the reclining buddha-what a cop out-i expected something like a chair and it then spreads out-NO... it was a buddha laid on it's side-rubbish!! we then trundled around the grounds til late then got an ice cream before getting a 3.5 baht boat across to the other side to see yet another temple. We ended up teaching a local monk english but everytime someone walked past he moved away from us as he is not allowed to be stood by women-so why on earth was he talking to us!? then we eventually found the bookshop we wanted, got the duchess and headed to a restaurant for munch chatting to a norwegian about teeth whitening-something else me and linz might do while in bangkok but only when the exchange rate is better!!

Now we're back in khao san bumming around before our train to laos so you may not here from me for a while so toodles and behave yourselves!!
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photo by: Deats