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As my birthday treat to myself, I joined my friends in their 4D/3N Bangkok trip! We initially planned it to fall during holidays but we realized that our bosses might not allow us to leave the country by then, so we opted to move it a week earlier.

Being the busiest person in the bunch (I know Anai will react here! bwahaha. Ok fine, the laziest one to organize), I let the girls do all the planning. They booked our flights via Air Asia, they booked our accommodation in Century Park Hotel; and even prepared the itinerary. Knowing Anai for years now, even way back from our previous work, I know I’m in a good company.

We all planned to just meet in LCCT (airport near KLIA for low-cost flights… it actually look like a bus terminal! Haha).

Since we are too early (obviously, too excited) for our flight, we decided to eat breakfast at where else McDo :P.

Our plane landed at Suvarnabhumi Airport. We took our luggages and headed straight outside the airport where we looked for cheaper taxi fare which was recommended by our friends too. To be honest, I had high expectations on Thailand. I didn’t do any research prior to this trip. Maybe too much to ask, but I am thinking of maybe similarities with Singapore or at least way better than Manila. But I was surprised when we were heading towards Bangkok city. Not that BKK is bad (no not at all), but I expected so much so I was kinda disappointed at first. But on the brighter side, it is comparable to Manila: the people, infrastructures, buildings, highways, billboards, etc. Nevertheless, I feel like I was home.
Good thing, right? =)

After 30 minutes of cab drive, we finally arrived at Century Park Hotel. We booked two rooms: Dru and I shared one room while the girls shared the other one. (actually, I am willing to swap with Gen! so that the “ehem ehem” couple got their privacy  but we realized we’re wholesome so we just stayed on the initial arrangement for the rest of our trip :P).

We didn’t waste much time, after checking-in our bags, they asked the receptionist how we can get to Ayuthaya the next day. (yes.. “they” not “we” because I was just seating on the couch waiting for the next thing to do or place to go hahaha. How lazy I am :P). As recommended, we went to the nearest tourism office to ask for an Ayuthaya tour package.
which way to go??? hmmm...
We were welcomed warmly by Thai agents. They were so friendly and accommodating. And while talking to one of the agents, I saw that they collect monetary bills from different countries. Luckily, I have 20 peso bill in my wallet, so I gave it to them to add on their collection. =)

After we settled our trip for the next day, we all decided to grab something to eat. We don’t want to have a heavy meal as we were reserving it for that night’s planned dinner. So I suggested why not try Thai’s local foods in one of the “carinderia” nearby. I would say Thai food is as spicy as Malay food which is fine with me because I really like it. :P

We don’t have other things to do that night so after our late lunch we went straight to locate our next destination, Cabbages and Condoms.
hurry Anai!
This is a very interesting restaurant which Anai recommended to try. But since it was still too early for dinner and we just had our late lunch, we strolled around the place first and passed by to many massage centers. Since we still have enough time before dinner, we went to one of them and had our foot reflexology. Good thing that we tried it as it was the best foot reflex I’ve ever had. I actually fell asleep and just woke up after the session. (sorry I forgot the name of the center =9 but it was really great).

Off to our dinner, we were amazed by the interior decors of this interesting restaurant. The mannequins were dressed made of condoms, the lamps were decorated with condoms, everything is made of condoms. So picture that out! hehe. On top of that, they gave us free condoms after meal! Isn’t that interesting? Lovely! Hahaha

After dinner, we went straight to our hotel.
Cabbages and Condoms bow!
We refreshed ourselves and discussed where else we could go that night. Someone suggested to go to Patpong district. For those guys who haven’t been in BKK, this is the place to be! Haha just kidding! If Manila have Ermita then BKK have Patpong. Yes, this is area for prostitution where you can watch freak shows on stage. We almost got into one show. They allowed us to sneak and check those on stage but our wholesome mind and good conscience tells us not to. We were shocked on what we’ve seen so right at that very moment, we decided to leave the place. This is so inhumane.  So we head back to our hotel and decided to sleep before midnight.

What a nice day to start this trip. A bit tiring but we had fun. Next stop : Ayuthaya!

Note: Ok before Anai reacts on this. Yes, I was the one who suggested to go to Patpong and convinced them to take a look first to see what’s happening inside. Sorry, I was just curious. :P. But then I give way when I saw on Dru’s face the distress and pain bwahaha. Better luck on me next time :P

darkinvader143 says:
hahahaha ugok! mabait ako eh! hehehe
Posted on: Dec 09, 2008
jegs76 says:
eheheh McDo? sige na! what's wrong with u! that's poisonous hehehe

as for money collection - how nice! - who would expect that from u! głupek;) hahaha biro lang:)
Posted on: Dec 09, 2008
analyn30 says:
sawadee! at syempre magrereact ako hahaha!
busiest person eklavu pala ah.. buti inamin mo rin bwahaha (peace).. at syempre natawa ako sa comment mo about dun sa pag swap ng rooms hahaha.. at syempre mag re react pa rin ako.. ndi ka naman na shock sa patpong eh :P.. pero buti inamin mo hahahaha
Posted on: Dec 09, 2008
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which way to go??? hmmm...
which way to go??? hmmm...
hurry Anai!
hurry Anai!
Cabbages and Condoms bow!
Cabbages and Condoms bow!
lamp made of condoms! interesting …
lamp made of condoms! interesting…
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