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Having to live outside of Cebu for a long time decided to explore the city.  I couldnt recall many places as it has been almost 10 years that I left Cebu and only come for a short holiday and mostly spend it on the beach and not the city.  A friend of mine from Dubai is joining me in this expedition of rediscovering Cebu City.  First, I have to pick him up at the airport, it was late night when he arrived, we booked a room at the Waterfront Hotel in Lahug, located in the city center about 25 mins from the airport if there is no traffic.  The hotel impressed him a lot from a distance as we approached.  However, when getting to the room, there were no words that describes how disappointed we were.  It doesnt just appear old but it also looks dirty with all the stains on the marble floor in the bathroom and the dust under the bed.  Not many travellers or tourist look beneath the bed and behind the furniture but working in the tourism industry it seems to be normal looking whats beyond thats visible to the eyes.  We sat for a while contemplating to check out and go somewhere else.  My friend begun calling the reception if there are any other available rooms, which unfortunately they said there werent any available on our category. Or could it be that they just dont want to get into the trouble of giving us another room.  So, instead we decided to go out but dont know where to go.  We went down to reception, changed some money and decided to go somewhere where there is a live band.  The taxi driver was very friendly and had a great taste, took us to Papa's.  They have rich variety of food menu and the band was awesome, very entertaining!  The singer impressed us a lot, he seemed to be the Cebuano version of Phil Collins! The price was also cheap.  the beer was only P50 (1USD). I should write a review of the place!

It was almost 1am and we decided to head back as we wanted to explore early the next day.  As soon as we got back to the hotel we decided to stay and perhaps get a better room in the morning. Unfortunately when we woke up, we were too busy planning the day where to go, what to do, etc. Although, being a Cebuano myself, I have never explored the city in the past. I have always took it for granted leaving the exploring to the tourist and visitors.  Now i felt the need to know where I came from (Im a bit ashamed to admit this!). Ok! So, we went down to check some tour offerings around the city at the reception, the concierge was quite helpful giving us the information we needed however, they were all commercially centered, giving us the prices up straight other than the experience that we could have had.  So, decided to explore the local way, no tour guides, just go!

planisphere says:
I miss KAWASAN Falls. reminds me of my college years... happy days of being young and stupid! wohoo!
Posted on: Aug 01, 2007
Isabetlog says:
The Waterfront Hotel reminds me of the hotel in the movie The Shining. It's massive and the old red carpet and cracks in the walls really gave me the creeps! I like Cebu though, and they've got a burgeoning music scene!
Posted on: Apr 21, 2007
jenyenh says:
thanks David.. I will keep this in mind when Im back home.
Posted on: Mar 28, 2007
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