My final day in LA, AKA how Travbuddy and Higton may have caused me to go bankrupt...

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Our yummy breakfast at Fred 62's

Sunday came, and we dragged ourselves out of bed, and over to my favorite diner in LA • Fred 62’s!! (See my review for details…) After an amazing breakfast and a lot of laughs, most of the group went back to Lindsay’s for some downtime, while I took Margaret and Ingrid for the final stop in the "What you can’t miss of Amanda’s LA"; Moonshadow’s, in Malibu!

We took a beautiful drive up the Pacific Coast Highway, and up towards Malibu. Once we reached Moonshadows, we headed immediately for the best spot in the house; the fabulous patio. There is no where on earth I would rather be! This place makes the best Mojitos known to man, and we were ready to take advantage of that; at least for one each, which is all we had time for before I needed to head off for the airport!!

It was fantastic; the air was wonderful and smelled wonderful, the seagulls above us, the waves crashing below us, and the best company you could hope for.

Enjoying the Patio at Moonshadows
Then we drove back to Lindsay’s, I grabbed my things, and rushed to the airport to return the rental car; after all… my flight was leaving at 6:30…

….or not. I arrived to find that it was already delayed until 7:45; having the grand attitude that I do, I moved up to my gate, and looked for ways to amuse myself. Low and behold, I found one of those little internet kiosks. I had never used one before, but decided it was time to give it a whirl. I swiped in my debit card, and typed in the address to my favorite site online;

Now, I really love reading all the travel blogs, I do; but I have to admit, there are currently two long running blogs that I follow with special glee; this is where I give my shout out's I suppose, to Deats and Higton; I love your blogs guys, I just love them - you have a faithful reader in me! So imagine my pleasure, in my airport delayed state, to log in and find new postings on Higtons blog: Perfect! Just what the doctor ordered… or so one would have thought.


This particular amusing entry started out telling us about a disappointing hostel that reminded him a bit of The Shining, as he was in fact the only guest in residence. Then I note a picture attached with a funny frog; since in addition to funny stories, he quite often has amusing captions, I clicked on the picture of the frog, to see what the caption would be; and it was at this point when things very quickly fell apart in front of my eyes. The computer freaked out in the worst possible way. I don’t know if it’s just not used to frogs, or if it was afraid of warts (I’ve heard that some of the older computers are still quite superstitious) or if Eric and David have done something to the site that causes Kiosks in airports to malfunction? Whatever the reason, I suddenly had about 8 different windows open that I had NEVER asked for, and the screen was frozen in every way you could possibly imagine.

Ingrid and Margaret, apparently thinking that dogpilling me was the best way to help me get the air out of my air mattress...errr...thanks,guys??

This is one of those moments where you quietly start to look around you, knowing that in reality, you are totally alone in your situation. The airline people certainly don’t care and can’t help; the same goes for the other delayed passengers. I tried everything; hitting control/alt/delete, hitting escape, just sitting quietly with my hands folded nicely in my lap as I had been taught was good manners as a child, to see if I would be repaid in some karmic way… but nothing changed. Meanwhile, the only thing that WOULD move was the timer on the bottom; clicking away, letting me know I was still be charged for the entire Costa Rican Frog picture debacle.

Finally I noted that there was a toll free number in very small print on the machine, so I used my cell phone to dial it.

I tried to take a picture of my delayed flight; but my camera was dying, the batteries exausted, and the picture is dim... how symbolic is that?
At this point, the clock was up to about 45 minutes, very little of which I had actually used. I got through to a nice enough lady, who assured me that she would fix the machine from her side (she had me read her a code off of the machine) and would also fix my charge to only reflect the few moments I had actually had service. With that, I headed to my gate again, since it was all sorted, and it was now time for me to finally leave; or so I thought.

I was leaving out of Gate 81; when I arrived, I learned two critical facts: first, I was no longer leaving from Gate 81, I was leaving from Gate 80. We all got up and moved, like the obedient cattle that we are. We then learned the second piece of helpful information; we weren’t going anywhere, the plane was delayed again.

After quite some time, they did a take back, we were leaving after all; to Gate 84, because they had changed our gate for the third time. Again, I got up and moved along. Gate 84 was quite near the internet kiosk that I had used, and I found myself tempted; would it be safe to try again, if I stayed away from all pictures and amphibians?

I wandered over to it, playing with the idea in my head… and then all thoughts came to a screeching halt as I came closer to the machine. It STILL HAD THE DAMN FROG ON THE SCREEN, AND THE TIMER WAS NOW UP TO 91 MINUTES AND COUNTING!!!

My god…. If she had been unable to stop it, had she been able to fix my bill? I have no idea, because at that moment the announcement came back over the intercom system; they had changed their mind about Gate 84, it was a crap gate anyway, and would we please all move back over to Gate 80 again please?

Finally, at some point, we got on the small craft that would make the 1 hour journey I had waited so long for. And yet, we didn’t leave… it would seem there was too much gas on the plane • wouldn’t that just mean that we were A-OK to make it to Phoenix?? No, Apparently, that is not how it works. Our choices, it would seem from the Stewardess, are to drain some of the offending petrol, or to kick off a passenger; and better the petrol than a passenger.

I immediately turn to the gentlemen sitting beside me to see if I can gain some support for an opposition team. "I don’t know about that, do you?" I asked him. "I think we should just ‘rock, paper, scissors’ it; I mean, we’ve ALL seen Survivor…" He nodded in agreement. Much faster to kick someone off than wait for the mysterious draining device.

It was at that point that they removed the stairs from the plane. "Look!" I said furiously; "They are removing the stairs; the one way we can leave!!"

"Not really" he replied… "It’s not THAT far down to the ground…" I immediately liked his attitude, and together we determined that if need be a human ladder could be formed.

aswold says:
Too funny....Glad that you finally made it home!
Posted on: Mar 07, 2007
portia says:
very fun to read! I hope you are not broke from the internet kiosk misadventure. I used one in Hamburg airport (to logon travbuddy of course!) and it takes coins, safer that way.
Posted on: Mar 05, 2007
Higton says:
It was a toad: A Marine Toad.

And I have told you I am taking over this site, not really my fault if you don't wish ot believe me...
Posted on: Feb 27, 2007
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Our yummy breakfast at Fred 62s
Our yummy breakfast at Fred 62's
Enjoying the Patio at Moonshadows
Enjoying the Patio at Moonshadows
Ingrid and Margaret, apparently th…
Ingrid and Margaret, apparently t…
I tried to take a picture of my de…
I tried to take a picture of my d…
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