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I've been living in Colombo for three weeks now. Here are a few of my more bizarre experiences, interesting discoveries and stupid mistakes :)

1. There was an air raid a couple of weeks ago. According to BBC, "the sound of heavy guns was heard throughout the city as people stood in the streets watching". Somehow, I missed all of this. The only thing I noticed was that my power went out.

2. I was solicitied for prostitution a couple of evenings ago. I was wearing an ankle-length skirt and a collared shirt and carrying a briefcase, so I was confused as to why this solicitor had guessed that prostitution was my chosen profession. After consulting various people, I have determined the most likely explanation is that I was smoking a cigarette in public. I'm torn- because on one hand, I'm getting enough unwanted attention as it is- but I also don't think I should have to confine my cigarette-smoking to private settings, and it might be good to challenge some people's stereotypes. But then, do I really want to associate women's empowerment with the tobacco industry?

3. It costs approximately $7.00 US dollars for a teeny-tiny jar of peanut butter here. I think that the amount of peanut butter you would find in a small jar in the US would cost about $21.00.

4. They don't make/carry shoes big enough for my feet here (US size 9). This is especially bad because I broke my favorite and primary pair of shoes the third day I was here.

5. I tried to buy a mango, but it turned out to be an avocado.

6. Mosquitos loooove me. I have DEET, a mosquito net, citronella candles, plug-in mosquito repeller thinga-ma-jigs and large aerosol bottles of insect killing spray. The mosquitos don't care. Their love for me knows no bounds. Also, my apartment has giant unscreened windows. I'm just waiting to get dengue fever.
travelman727 says:
Who would have thought that you could make a living as a peanut butter smuggler? I guess in Sri Lanka, choosy and rich mothers choose Jif :-D
Posted on: Dec 26, 2008
gemunu says:
Hi Lisa,

Welcome to Colombo!

How interesting ! Who thought that prostitution was your chosen profession ? Ordinary citizens or some guys manning a check point ? Sri Lankans, specially in Colombo & the areas tourists visit are very much use to woman smoking.

You may find locally produced Peanut butter at much reasonable rate at Beamas, an old style grocery store at upstairs of Koolpity market
Cheers, Gemunu

PS.There is supper EU film festival at BMICH till Saturday, if you have time that's the place to be.
Posted on: Dec 03, 2008
Vikram says:
It was interesting reading your blog. I do agree about the smoking bit though. I mean these days, women smoking is a common sight in the big cities of India but in other places of the Indian subcontinent, you will attract attention if you're a woman smoking on the street of a small town.
Posted on: Nov 15, 2008
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