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After 2 years residing in Abu Dhabi I decided to move to Dubai.  Everyone else wanted to move to Dubai..whenever I tell a friend I was moving to Dubai soon, they wanted to come along, being vulgar about wanting to move with me...What is special about Dubai? hmmm.  I didnt know how Dubai was at that time, I havent lived in Dubai before, I only see Dubai whenever we party and meet friends or watch concerts... one thing I am certain about Dubai was it has more hotels and bars compared to Abu dhabi. but then, I packed my bags and head off to Dubai...I had a lot of expectations in my mind..but most of it having fun and partying. 

Indeed, in my first couple of days..I can already compare! Dubai and Abu Dhabi are so different in lifestyle.  Abu dhabi is more laid back and peaceful while Dubai is more fast phase and a party place.  The first couple of days, I was having a a  marathon of parties and drinking spree...almost every night we were going bar hopping with friends at work and friends we meet along the way (as if we travelled a distance).  Rock Bottom was just across the street were I lived, so as early as 6pm I'm already there, dinner was usually followed by couple of drinks on a normal day and on the weekend it's more drinks and less sleep.  It took me a couple of weeks and then I felt weird, couldnt believe I was missing the peaceful and quiet life of Abu Dhabi.  So, this is what Dubai is all about?  Suddenly, I got tired of too much partying, specially when I dont remember most of the things I did.  A lot of my friends told me, i am just having a transition or perhaps Im getting old.  It felt like time was just passing by on different days. The good part was that I realised too soon that apart from partying, shopping and spending a lot of money - there's not so much meaning to my activities. 

So, I started looking for something else to do while passing time instead of being in the bar and laugh at any joke. It felt stupid at some point.  I shifted to just go exploring Dubai.  I know the shopping malls by heart so I didnt have to do that part.  I found a buddy - tony - one of my work friend.  We worked together and finished at mostly on the same time.  The company provides us a bus from our apartments to the hotel where we work and takes us back when we are done for the day.  The hotel and our apartments was just a matter of 3-4 kilometers away but with the traffic in the morning and evening during rush hours its takes forever to reach either ways.  I started missing Abu Dhabi in a sense, as there are no traffic whatsoever there - well, not that I know off. One night, Tony and I decided to walk home instead of taking the bus that takes us forever to reach home. Indeed, we got home in half the time.  hahaha we were so fond about walking that we did this everyday to go home.  But like many other things I really bored doing it this was mainly most of my days...just lifing Dubai.



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photo by: vances