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Standing there in the field on my way back.

Normally I would get on my bike and step on those pedals and on my way I kind of deside where I would like to end that day. This will come through... or it won´t. Today I had a real desitination for the first time. Because I had a meeting with a ex-colleague, so it was kind of a thing to be at the right place at the right time. We do not want to get late right. But I didn't really had an idea how long I would need to travel, so it was kind of a guess.

I left at 12 o'clock and I expected to arrive about 14 o'clock. First I got to Ridderkerk, followed the sign 'Kinderdijk' which brought me to the waterbus. Offcourse I got on the first one to arrive, because I had no idea how those things work.

The waterbus.
When the 'stewardess' comes over, I ask for a ticket to the Kinderdijk. But I then am told that the boat won't stop there, and that I should have taken another one. Ah well, This is my first time, I'm just trying something. The woman tells me that I can get to Alblassedam and bike from there. But when we get to the quay of Alblassedam, the boat sails on in a high speed after making a kind of feint and brings me al the way to Dordrecht. Well that's just allright with me, but I'm not getting of before Alblassedam. The lady is quit indignant about it, because I and some other man didn't gave any indication that we wanted to get of at the quay the sailed by at such a high speed. With all do respect of her senility, but she was the one who told me to get at Alblassedam, she sold me the ticket and I told her I didn´t know how this was working, because it was my first time on the waterbus.
View of Dordrecht taken from the boat.
Just several minutes before we got there. On top of that, unlike the trams and busses in the Netherlands, I didn't see any stopbutton anywhere on the boat. So how was I to let her know?

Once in Alblassedam I had to go through a whole odylle to get to Nieuw-Lekkerland, because nowhere were any directionsigns to be found. I find this quite strange, since the signs placed throughout the Netherlands are anything but perfect, they do appear rather abundant. Fortunately I can usually trust my pretty good sense of direction and with the help of a card which is actually too small for convenience, I arrive a little more tiented at my friends house at almost 15 o'clock. She does have very sweet dogs, nice tea, a pretty house and a pink toilet and also I stole some water for the way back ( I tend to learn from my mistakes... sometimes...)

On my way back I encounter the coincidence that out of all the waterbusses, I get on the same boat, the 'Piet Heijn'. I buy an extra ticket to sail all the way to Rotterdam, because it was rather late and my ex-boyfriend is waiting at my home to drop of our precious son. And offcourse because being on a boat is one of the best things in live. Those sweet little pleasures that brings a itchy feeling deep inside  my stomach. The moral of this story... there is a rather simple way to sail for just a little money *evil grin*

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Standing there in the field on my …
Standing there in the field on my…
The waterbus.
The waterbus.
View of Dordrecht taken from the b…
View of Dordrecht taken from the …
This was taken from the boat, some…
This was taken from the boat, som…
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