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Damn! Being in a work assignment in an exotic - tiny paradise, even when stuck in the office, my mind wanders on the beach! Just can't keep my head adher to strict schedules of concrete tasks! counting the days from the moment I came to the last minute of my assignment here...Now, sitting in my shoe box size office and knowing that the warm beach is just a couple of meters away from my office door couldnt help myself stare at my computer and wonder why I'm sitting here and not on the beach absorbing the sun with a cocktail in hand. Hmmm.. something must be wrong! I gotta do something. 

Whilst occupied with so many ideas in my mind of how I make a difference to my days here in Maldives, there are lots of people around me who basically have to work their ass out to earn a living, and the sad thing is they dont have a choice, its survival not only for them but for those people back in their country who depends on their financial support.  Somehow, when I look at them work day in and day out, long hours ahead of them each day, never a complain and yet they still  manage to smile when they meet me around the resort.  But then, as I chat with most of them outside of work hours, They seem to have a feeling like they are behind a wall of fear of losing their job.  so, no matter what they do, however hard it is, or if they are happy doing it or not, it doesnt matter as long as they get paid for what they are promised at the end of each month. I feel bad for them, on the other hand I felt lucky that I have the freedom to choose to be where I am today.

wrnidea says:
Holy Week here is OK, as always. Take care.
Posted on: Apr 05, 2007
jenyenh says:
wow a very spiritual comment..thanks..hows holy week in Ph?
Posted on: Apr 04, 2007
wrnidea says:
I think people are all the same no matter where one is at. They all need to uplift their standard especially if they come from a developing country like Maldives or the Philipines. I am in the same boat too. I work my butt out to give my family and myself a decent living inspite of the long day at work. Yet, just like the people you mentioned, I try to have a smile at the end of the day just to compensate for the toils and lightens the load that one carries. Smiling is a balm that relieves one's soul and connects you with the rest of the world in a cheerful manner.

Yes, we are all lucky to be able to make a choice. The choice to feel blessed that we are still alive and willing to take the risk and live up to the challenges. God bless us all! Cheers.
Posted on: Apr 04, 2007
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