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Because EVERYTHING went horrible wrong. I drove my ex back to Cole Harbor because he had to golf or something, and then I tried to get a liquor run, because we drank A LOT the night before. I called everyone, and then eventually ended up with these really sketchy guys from the passage who wore muscle shirts and were just dirty and ended up stealing 20 dollars from me. Then I realized I was on empty for gas and only had 10 dollars, I hoped to god I could make it to Spry Bay with that much and then borrow some money from my friends.

Luckily that worked out for me,

When I got back to the campground we went to the beach again and I bathed and it was lovely, but a little too cold for my liking. Then we went back and cooked supper and then the drinking began, and so did the horribleness. Everything was fine for two hours, until our friend who is a horrible drunk, missed a couple of stairs and broke her leg and foot. We're all way to drunk to function, but me and my friend are lifeguards and we tried to make a split out of flip flops for her. God we were drunk, then we had to go explain to the front desk shit, and I was hammered and they made me do it. Then the drunken girl who broke her foot locked my keys in my car with the lights on and we tried for 3 hours to break into it with a clothes hanger. This ended up working, after my best friend sobered up enough to put her mind to it. God I never ever want to go camping with these people ever again. The memories are horrible.


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this is immeditatly after she brok…
this is immeditatly after she bro…
lifeguards to the rescue... except…
lifeguards to the rescue... excep…
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