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Another early wake-up meant that we made good timing to the Animal Kingdom although we weren't as close to the front as we had been in the Magic Kingdom.  We toured the following attractions:

  • Expedition Everest (the first time, we moved through the line so quickly that we did not have the chance to view the supply area and Yeti museum; the second time, we used the single rider line which was fairly effective)
  • Kilimanjaro Safaris (usual mix of wildlife although only one elephant spotted this time, three giraffes on the hillside were neat)
  • Primeval Whirl (looong wait for this one, they were using most of the line area)
  • Dinosaur (I still scream when the dinosaurs come at us; the wait was only half the predicted time)
  • Kali River Rapids (Dad wore his poncho, Mom and I did not; he was the one to get drenched but the poncho protected him!)
  • Maharajah Jungle Trek (I don't remember ever walking this path before, the bats were cute, the tigers sleepy)

Breakfast was at Kusafiri Bakery in Africa, lunch at Flame Tree Barbecue in Discovery Island.

Back at our timeshare, Dad and I went for a swim while Mom did some laundry.  They were running karaoke at the poolside although the tracks still had the original singers on them so you could hear them better than the person singing!  (On second thought, maybe that wasn't such a bad thing...)  While the pool was cool and relaxing, I learned the hard way not to walk around in my bare feet (Florida sun + concrete = very hot).  Dad and I also had a lot of fun going down the slide.  It's built inside a large sandcastle structure and spirals around twice; I picked up some good speed on my way down.  After swimming we showered and got ready for our evening.  I took the bus into EPCOT separately from my parents since I had a scheduled time to arrive: 5:00.

Thirteen years ago my family spent 8 days in Disney.

  To keep the girls from sniping at each other a lot, Mom had both of us choose a tour--different ones--to take.  Megan spent the day going behind the scenes in the Magic Kingdom while I ran around the World Showcase on a treasure hunt.  I made friends that day, one of whom I stayed in correspondance with over the next few years.  As we grew older, our communication was mainly through Christmas and birthday cards but in the last year Facebook really made it easier to stay in touch.  Meg had become a Disney employee after high school graduation and had today off.  I was a bit nervous as I approached the Coke station; it had been so long since we had seen each other, how would the evening go?  I didn't need to worry; we spent the next 3 1/2 hours chatting and catching up.
  We made two full laps of the World Showcase, rode Spaceship Earth and the Maelstrom, ate dinner in Morocco, and did a tiny bit of shopping.  We talked about work (I loved hearing all the behind scenes work she does), her fall wedding, and pets.  A really nice lady took two pictures of us near the fountain before we separated ways with the promise to look each other up the next time I'm down in Orlando.  I then met up with my parents between the UK and France to watch Illuminations (I think it's about time they changed the show up).

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