Day Three

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With our luggage safely on its way to storage at the hospitality house until our departure that afternoon, we hopped a bus to Hollywood Studios.  Arriving just in time for the opening, we moved with the rush to Toy Story Mania where we zipped through the line.  We all got higher scores this morning than the night before.  I do love this ride!  We grabbed a quick breakfast at Starring Rolls and then headed over to EPCOT.

We hurried over to the Land pavillion to get FastPasses for Soarin' before entering the line.  I'm not a big fan of lines (who is?), and this line was not one of the more entertaining queue areas in previous years.  The large screens showed nature scenes from around the world, sometimes punctuated by quotations on the need to protect our planet.

  However, Disney Imagineers have created a waiting area that is far from boring now.  Upon first entering the line, visitors look at the bright pictures on the large screens and think "Ok, nice art."  But then a countdown starts and words appear: Are You Ready to Race?  A bird appears on the screen and you have a few minutes to train it how to fly.  The people standing in the front are the most interested and soon learn that the bird flies in the direction they are leaning.  The race begins with only a few participants at first, but then others join in.  Quickly the whole group is shouting and working together (except when the poor bird encounters a tree directly in front and half the crowd leans to the right, the other half to the left) to navigate through a western wilderness.
  My group finished second overall which we thought was fantastic.  The next game involved trying to break some paint ballons somehow.  It was a bit confusing and we didn't have as much fun with it.  However, very soon we moved on to the loading area for Soarin'.  As usual we loved this hang-glider ride.  I enhanced the experience by looking for some hidden Mickeys in the movie that I had recently read about in a guidebook.

After Soarin' we hopped on Journey into Imagination over in the glass pyramid.  Not the most sophisticated attraction, it is still simple, good entertainment with the usual host of little unique touches.

We also had time to ride Test Track and the new version of Rio del Tiempo now known as a Mexican Grand Fiesta Tour with Donald.

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