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Left India late night, the airport in chennai was chaotic, apparently it was wrong to visit the place just after the tsunami.  anyway, happy to be on the seat of the plane that takes me to Bangkok and fly to Saigon to head off to Nha Trang - my new temporary home (despite my friend protesting my move It still excites me)!

Anyway, arrived Saigon (Ho Chi Mihn City) around 2pm.  Apparently I have to collect my luggage to load it for my plane to Nha trang.  Nha Trang is by the way 45 mins by plane from Saigon and 6 hours by car.  I chose to fly, as I have been travelling for 3 countries already before setting foot in Vietnam what I need is just a place to crash and a long road ride would be the worst nightmare at that time.  So, I collected my luggage and checked in to my flight to Nha trang. Since the plane to Nha trang is smaller, they only allow 20kg luggage and 8 kg hand carry. The receptionist at the check in counter told me I have to pay for my extra kilos and then he pointed a counter on the otherside of the airport just directly opposite the counter. He handed me a paper with Vietnamese writing in it.

I walked towards the counter and there were other people there before me lining up.  it seems that everyone on the flight has got excess luggage.  When it was my turn, I didnt know what to do, all the receptionist were on the phone and they just dont look at you to acknowledge that they see you.  Anyway, I waited for like 10 mins and the guy started talking to me in Vietnamese! Huh! oops he has mistaken me for a Vietnamese...dont know if its good or not!  After a moment, he realised that I didnt have any clue what he was talking about he switched into English question. Voila! It's more comfortable, so I handed him the paper.  He ran through it and then took his calculator and then he looked at me and said "150, 980"...at first I thought, he was talking to the person beside me.  He looked at me and said "you! 150,980".. I said - "Im sorry?" ... I didnt know what was it he was trying to tell me, or was it just my mind blocking me from hearing anything.  I didnt have any words for a while, I was trying to digest the amount that I have to pay for my excess luggage.  The guy next to me, saw the shock or surprise on my face - smiled at me and said - "thats 10USD".  Apparently 1USD is equivalent to 15,980 VNdong. When I came back to my senses, I just broke out laughing! The receptionist looked at me like he thinks Im a psycho.  I just couldnt help laughing at how stupid I was.  Jason - who gave me the conversion told me its normal here in Vietnam.  We sat next to each other on the plane as we were heading on the same direction.  When we arrived Nha Trang airport we exchanged contact details and promised to keep in touch.

As the airport is so small, I can easily see my name on the welcome board of the resort were I was heading. So, I said goodbye to Jason, before I went any further. Jason smiled at me and shouted "Jennifer - Welcome to Vietnam!"... hmmmm.. what does that tell me?     

jenyenh says:
you bet! but Vietnam has a lot of these to offer..
Posted on: May 08, 2007
CrazyLisa says:
Haha. Always great to have those moments at the counter.
Posted on: May 08, 2007
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Nha Trang
photo by: rotorhead85