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Australian culture and language is a fair bit different from American or English (as I previously commented here and here), but within Australia we are boringly homogenous. Oh, there are subtle differences in accent that locals can pick (with South Australia a hint more British, eastern Australia a tad more American and Queensland a touch slower) and there is a strong city/country divide, but there are very few ways to reliably pick which region someone is from. The two most noticeable are the words people use for processed pork and the words they use for beer glasses. I'm from South Australia, so I call processed pork "fritz", but Lydia (from the ACT/NSW) calls it "devon", Tasmania calls it Belgium sausage, Victoria calls it German sausage, Western Australaia calls it polony and the Northern Territory calls it round meat. Beer glasses are even more complex. Just to take the three sizes of 200ml, 285ml, 425ml and 570ml glasses, in Adelaide I call them a butcher, schooner, pint and imperial pint, respectively, while in Canberra I had to refer to them as a seven, middy, schooner and pint. In Melbourne they are a glass, pot, schooner and pint, while in Hobart they are a seven, ten, fifteen and pint. Brisbane calls them a seven, ten, schooner and pint, while Perth calls them a glass, middy, schooner and pint. Possibly it says something that it is only in the area of alcohol that we have a more expansive and varied vocab.
Adrian_Liston says:
Lots of words, but most of the time if you are out of state you'll just look blankly when someone says "fritz", since they are very regional. And yes there are lots of different types - mostly thanks to a big influx of German immigrants :)
Posted on: Feb 15, 2009
dahling says:
all these words for processed pork -and then you still have the different kinds, yes?
Posted on: Feb 15, 2009
keeweeset says:
Now you made my head spin...and that only with the beer glasses..hehe =)
Posted on: Jan 03, 2009
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