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10 min after getting into SD.. we're drinking champagne and ready to go dancing!
At a moment's notice.. literally the drop of a hat, I somehow manage to convince Nhi to come to San Diego for.. oh 24 hours. I'll drive, you just relax and nap. Then we get to see Sal and meet Eric!!!! =) We leave around 8pm and get into San Diego before Sal and Eric do! I think I love last minute trips the best, because you're forced to play stuff by ear and really see what you're made of/how flexible you are.

GPS is on, 5 freeway is clear after Orange County, and into downtown San Diego we go. I'm trying to think up stuff for us to do as I lived in San Diego for a couple of months right before college, but I couldn't think of a darn thing.
When you're around Eric, there will always be champagne..
I think I spent most of my time in SD with the shades drawn and puffy eyes, pining away for the life I left in NYC. So when someone asks me what there is to do, it's inevitable that I draw a blank.

We park by 10pm-ish, and since Nhi and I hadn't had dinner yet and are super tired, we drag ourselves up to the bar to get something to eat. About half an hour later, Sal and Eric show up and bring me my second wind along with hugs and kisses. Actually, I think Eric tries to shake my hand and I kind of glare at him and give him a hug instead.

They go check in and Nhi and I finish eating and when we arrive to the room, there is champagne flowing and we have about 10 min to get ready to go clubbing. Which I haven't done since Sheila's birthday!! It turns out Eric knows half the people in San Diego having been stationed there for 4 years and not only do we have NO time to do anything but run around and have fun with his friends, Sal's friends, etc. But they're all only given a short period of time to hang out - talk about a full schedule!
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10 min after getting into SD.. we…
10 min after getting into SD.. we…
When youre around Eric, there wil…
When you're around Eric, there wi…
San Diego
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