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with Debra in Time Square. :D

monday morning wanted something to do, so what better than sit on Central Park see people come and go, walking their dogs, or just exercising and later that day went to the Museum of Natural History, it was a very good time, had to do it fast though and that place is huge, lots of interesting things to see, was walking around the museum.

Later that afternoon this Argentinian guy ( started talking to me on one of the exhibits. it was so cool to meet him, we ended up talking and walking around the museum for the rest of the time, he was there for a training of his company for the week, so it was quite good to meet him. after we said good bye, i continue my way down to time square, where i was about to meet Debra for the rest of the day, i was walking right in front of the Trump Tower, when suddenly this big black suv pull over, and a black limo on the back, right in front of me, and there he was, Mr.

Donald Trump him self, right in front of me.. (you really cant miss his big set of hair) when i realize damn it i didnt have my camera ready, he just waived "hi" and up to his building, with about 5 of his security staff, that was so cool, i should've been a good paparazzi there, but ohh well.

I met Debra later that day, haha, very nice place to meet up with someone you have only seen on pictures, infront of times square at the McDonalds on your left hand, yeah! you heard well, "time Square" between thousands of people, but yeah, Debra spotted me, from a distance calling out my name, seeing her was like i knew her from way before, we were like friends that had lots of things to catch up and talk to, it wasnt like meeting for the first time, it was more like, catching up on things, we walked and walked street down on Manhattan to find a decent place to sit, and talk, we had coffee and cake, and i must say another good NYC cake i had,  we walked back to times square and sat on the new red stairs infront of it, where we had our picture taken bye a very good guy, pleased to take picture of everyone there, he was our unofficial photographer, hehe, it was hilarious i had a very good time with her, we talked about everything we could come up to, laugh, make jokes and just sit, see people walking around, and tell our life stories.

The night ended up, saying bye to my good new friend Debra at the train Station near Macy's, i was happy to have spend the afternoon with her around the city, wishing it could have been longer and to go some other place too, but ohh well!, i really was kinda hoping me and Ian had to go back this weekend and that we would have the chance to see Debra again, we'll have to leave that for later in case we do, its a must.






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with Debra in Time Square.

with Debra in Time Square. :D
blurry Late show
blurry Late show
New York
photo by: herman_munster