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Some kind of "edutainment"
It was 8 o'clock in the morning. Only five hours earlier I fell completely knackered onto the bed and wasn't able to move even a bit. Nevertheless, it didn't come to my friends mind that it maybe could be a good idea to turn off the alarm clock in his cell phone. As a result, a shrill ring tone jolted me out of my dreams. I quickly regretted turning over to check where the tone came from as in the moment I started to move I felt the pain coming. For the next two hours, I could hardly walk as all of my body below my navel was one painfull mess. So the thought that there were still three days of walking and dancing lying before me didn't comfort me in the least^^

Irregardless of my condition, we stood at the Marienplatz shortly before eleven waiting for the free guided tour to begin.
It was held in English or Spanish and I can definitely recommend it for foreigners as the guides tell you the history of Munich peppered with lots of nice anekdotes in a quite funny and amusing way. So we learned that Maximilian's street is the wealthiest one in Europe and that at the very beginning of the Oktoberfest the people got drunk with wine. They just changed it into beer, because wine was realised to be too expensive. As a result, one third of the beer consumed over a year is being drunk during these special two weeks :-) Beside, the population of Munich doubles then and in the embassy of UK there is build up a stand every year for the Aussies who lose their passport on the Oktoberfest. It's because the next Australian embassy is pretty far away in Berlin.

Shortly before the tour was finished we already had to leave the group and hurry to the National  theater, which luckily was only a few minutes away. My friend was eager to take part at the guided tour through the theater. We were almost late as we didn't know exactly were to get the tickets. So we ended up running around the site and got our tickets last minute so we just managed to rush in when the group at the entrance was let in. The tour turned out to be more intresting than I thought. It was downright fascinating to see what's behind the stage and which kind of big act it is to prepare everything for a play, especially when one knows that it has to be done twice a day. However, we didn't see the premises where the clothes were made and stored and we didn't have the opportunity to see the rehearsing. It was an intresting way to spend the afternoon, particularly as I haven't ever been to an opera house.

Well, our second day in Munich had almost passed and I was already wondering how the hell I should make another long night full of dancing and walking. However, the moment we entered the party hall I forgot of my hurting legs.

sirgerald12th says:
Marienplatz...a great meeting place in Munich. Thanks for the tip, I'll keep this in mind when I go back to Munich.
Posted on: Nov 27, 2008
AlicjaK says:
thank you :)
Posted on: Nov 15, 2008
Sunrise5 says:
Well, we found the info in one of the leaflets from the tourist information center at the main station. As you can see on one of the photos, the tours start at the Marienplatz, almost everyday at 10.45. Here's a link to their website: http://www.newmunich.com/nm/
Posted on: Nov 14, 2008
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Some kind of edutainment
Some kind of "edutainment"
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