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The synagogue
I arrived in Munich with a 15 minute delay so that my friend, with whom I was going to go to the congress was already waiting for me. Luckily, the hotel he found was nearby the station so we didn't have to carry our bags so long as my turned out to be pretty heavy after a while.
Having reached the hotel I instantly started to regret not having insisted on two separate beds, as our room turned out to be so tiny that for the next two days my friend and me hat to squeeze past each other when one of us wanted to go to the bathroom.

Later this afternoon we went to the city to get tickets for the subway and the congress. On the way my companion called in at the tourist information. Apart from city maps he also took a calender of events. At first I thought he just wanted to browse a bit there and maybe check if there was something intresting worth a visit on this weekend.
However, from the next hours on I should learn two essential things:
1. Whereever we went, whatever we visited - he took every leaflet he could get with him so that at the end of our stay the desk in the hotel room was so full of all that stuff that one couldn't see the desk board any more.
2. He seems to be of the type who makes an educational journey out of every trip. That means, when we stopped at a coffeeshop for a coffee, he took out the calendar of events and combed through all the entries for the weekend. The result of that was a list of guided tours and exhibitions, e.g. one of Kandynski's pictures. So it seemed as if we - and what annoyed me mostly: ME - would spend all the weekend (From 11 am to 7 pm) gaping at pictures and hearing the story of the 3rd Reich for the umpteenth time.
The Tonhalle in the Kultfabrik, where the congress took place

Nevertheless, having finished the coffee we went to the Kultfabrik for the tickets. The Kultfabrik is a former factory of the Pfanni-company, which produces convenience food made of potatoes, e.g. potatoe fritter, mashed potatoes and everything else you can imagine. Some years ago Pfanni closed this factory and a guy leased it, who made something like an amusement strip out of the premises. So today, there are all kinds of bars, clubs etc. located on the site, which comes to life not until 9 pm. The rest of the day one can get the impression to walk around a ghost town :-) However, when when we returned to this place in the evening for the congress, there was one big party onging.
The party of the salsa congress itself was just great - apart from my trip to Krakow some weeks ago I have never experienced such an outgoing public. As I suppose that this is the case at all congresses and festivals, I can't wait for the salsa festival in Karlsruhe :-)
AlicjaK says:
So, there is a person who is collecting leaflets from every place, too, heheh !!! I do it always and sometimes I think it's sick (the baggage is more heavy), heheh, my friends don't mind about it so much as me. Everything is available to read in the internet, but I just have to know what I see. Journeys must be educational ;) heheh !!!
Posted on: Nov 13, 2008
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The synagogue
The synagogue
The Tonhalle in the Kultfabrik, wh…
The Tonhalle in the Kultfabrik, w…
At the Kultfabrik. For now, it was…
At the Kultfabrik. For now, it wa…
Rockin the salsa party :-)
Rockin' the salsa party :-)
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