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Day 3 - First morning
Waking up wouldn't be the best term.  More like stumbling around looking for coffee.  Yes, most of us are addicted.  Luckily for us the resort had a restaurant and it looks like the great migration, less the crocodiles, heading there.

Now, in the sunshine, we could see the beauty we missed the night before.  Now THIS is what we came for.  Lush plants and birds everywhere.  We just sat there looking at each other finding it hard to believe we were there.

Unfortunately there were necessities to take care of.  Since we had so many people and kitchen facilities we need food.  A short drive into Hazyview and we were at the Pick and Pay.

  OK, so we are in Africa shopping at a major grocery store.  Kind of a surprise but, hey, take advantage of it.  This was not only fun but an experience.  When we asked for sliced Turkey we were met with a blank stare.  Oh well, the Pilgrims must have gotten lost somewhere.  We walked the entire store, not so much for lack of planning for the meals, but to see what was available.  Biltong, ok this looked interesting and tasted great. 

It was here we were first introduced to parking attendants.  They were in our research but didn't know what to expect.  As we found throughout the trip, they were friendly and diligent.  Of course, they were looking for tips but it was well worth it.  Additionally they were an invaluable source of local knowledge.

After packing the van with food and sundry other "necessities" we headed back to the resort.   It was an "all hands" effort to unload and store everything.  Actually, that turned out to be the rule.  All hands pitched in for most everything.

We decided to get acquainted with the area immediately around the resort as well as the grounds.  The original plan called for a recovery day but we were so excited we wanted to get started.   We kept seeing signs for Hippo crossing and don't feed the monkeys.  What's that about?  We would soon find out.

While walking along the Sabi we saw spore, droppings, land mines, whatever you call them, all over.  When in doubt ask, right?  When we did the staff just smiled and said Hippo and pointed to the signs.
  Duhhh.  Dumb tourist! 

We did get to see a Monitor Lizard digging away for lunch.  We got some photos and he just looked at us playing tourist and decided to head for a swim.  Unfortunately the swimming buddy was an 8 foot crocodile.  I use the term buddy because they were in the same pond but gave each other a wide berth.

We did get to meet Joan finally.  Again, she was the lady we had been chatting with.  Another friendly face behind the keyboard greeted us like old friends and with her Scottish accent said she would help us with whatever we wanted to see.  That she did.  The possibilities were almost endless.  She explained terminology of a game drive and a safari.  We knew all that.  Yea right.  We did after she explained it.

The city of Hazyview is an eclectic collection of stores, mall, crafts, restaurants and services.  Not what we expected actually, but definitely not disappointed.  Walking around we spoke with locals, were waved at and generally accepted without receiving the common "tourist" reaction.  There are some wonderful places to eat there also.  The Italian Stallion and Loftus Pub to name a few.  We did see signs for an Elephant Rescue that we committed to as a "have to do" also.  More on that later.

All in all it was a restfully (definitely needed) break.  Also the time speaking with the staff and other international guests definitely was a learning experience.

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photo by: aggiephikt