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Winetasting by bike in Talca, Chile

I woke early to begin my morning journey to Talca.

I didn´t really bother with the meager breakfast this time, other than a quick yogurt.  I caught the metro to the train station - the Santiago metro, by the way, was pretty awesome.  Clean and convenient, and easy for a gringo to figure out.  When I got to the train station, I had a quick coffee and then hopped on my TerraSur train to Talca.  I was in first class and had a pleasant trip - from the female conductor people in their cute uniforms and even cuter hats, to the food and beverage service, to the reclining airplane type seats.

I was in Talca by late morning, and then followed my directions to get to Casa Chueca - take a bus to edge of town, and then call for pick up - even further out of town.

Relaxing at Casa Chueca
  (Casa Chueca is located down a dirt road about 10 min out of town - which is fine because Talca itself didn´t look like much.  I´m here for the wine.) 

Casa Chueca was FABULOUS.  Great property with nice patio, pool, bunk rooms, rental bikes, all the amenities.  Also a good free breakfast, and a signup sheet for prepared communal dinners out on the patio and sun down.  While an older woman Iris seemed to be the boss, the bulk of the staff were a trio of German girls on a "sabbatical" of their own - living and working in Chile for 6 months - so that helped make the stay especially pleasant.

After checking in and sitting out by the pool for a few minutes absorbing the environment of my new 2-day home, I grabbed a bike and a map and set out to do some winetasting.

I crossed paths with this little boy on my way through wine country...

And I got lost.  Headed down the wrong street.  So a 12km ride turned into a 22km ride.  Oh well.  But I finally did find Casa Donoso, and had a personalized 1 on 1 tour of the joint.  Then did some tasting.  In particular, I tried the Carmenere, which is apparently a grape that´s only found here, as it was wiped out by disease in France at some point after it was "accidentally" brought over here by Spaniards or French or Germans or someone.  (My tour was in Spanish so I didn´t catch everything.)

I bought a bottle of the Carmenere and biked back to Casa Chueca.  Showered and refreshed, I sat down with the group on the patio for dinner.  It was very interesting to exchange stories, itineraries, etc with the other folks.  And dinner was a tasty vegetarian delight of...well...something.  Eggplant, cauliflower, beans, green salad.

After dinner, a group of us sat around and enjoyed the evening under the stars...drinking wine, etc. 

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Winetasting by bike in Talca, Chile
Winetasting by bike in Talca, Chile
Relaxing at Casa Chueca
Relaxing at Casa Chueca
I crossed paths with this little b…
I crossed paths with this little …
photo by: Sads79