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Rollerblading again.


Today I tried to catch up on a bit of sleep, and slept in til noon.  When I awoke, Adam was already at the dining table working on his updates to

We discussed our plans for the day, and decided to do independent things for a couple hours, but to meet in the late afternoon in the San Telmo neighborhood to explore the antiques market, street vendors, and tango shows. 

With that plan settled, I showered off my hangover and embarked on what I like to call my Buenos Aires triathlon because I tried to cover 3 different activities or areas, all arranged on a very tight time schedule.

Tango in San Telmo.
  I left the apartment at 1pm, and I needed to make sure I was in San Telmo - showered - by 5pm.  Here is the play by play.

1:00 to 1:45pm.  I walked over to the park to go rollerblading.  I lucked out and got the same decent pair of rollerblades I had yesterday.  Howver, I had to wait a few minutes for someone else to finish with them, which was going to throw me off schedule a bit, but so be it.  I would make up time elsewhere - like maybe I wouldnt stop at Freddo, the ice cream store, on the way home.  Besides, it was worth waiting for these particular skates.  The other pairs were just unacceptably bad. 

1:45 to 2:30pm.  Around and around I skated, practicing cross overs, backwards skating, and pure acceleration and speed.

Antiques fair in San Telmo.
  After an hour - or ok 45 minutes - I returned the skates and bought some water.

2:30 to 3:00pm.  I walked swiftly back to our apartment to shower.  I was running slightly behind, thanks to the 15 minute wait for skates.  Skipping Freddo didnt seem to help.

3:30pm to 4:00pm.  I walked over to the Recoleta neighborhood.  On Sundays, there was a big artesan fair near the cemetry.  I wanted to check out the arts and crafts.  It was a hot walk, but I made it.

4:00pm to 4:50pm.  I strolled the booths at the fair.  (I was going to skip the cemetery tour, and do that during the week.)  I didnt buy anything, but I did see a lot of neat stuff...including the most beautiful woman ever.  Sorry guys, no pics. 


Look closely. Yes, they are even selling a 1993 U.S. quarter. Wierd.
  I hopped a cab and cruised over to our designated meeting place in San Telmo.  Whew. 

5:00pm.  I get to the meeting place...and no Adam.  Uh oh, here we go again...  =)

Actually, Adam and I met up a few minutes later at El Balcon, our restaurant meeting place.  The restaurant was hosting a small tango show, but it was pretty touristy, so we decided not to watch it.  Instead, we went back out into the plaza where we strolled along the antiques fair.  Adam had already spent part of the afternoon there, so we went pretty quickly.  Essentially, the fair was like a huge garage sale - there was all kinds of old junk.  Spurs, knives, silverware, dishes, jewelry, old money, books and postcards, all kinds of trinkets.  I could have spent an entire day poking through the stuff.

Sunlight hitting an old building in Plaza Dorrego in San Telmo.
  The funny thing was that although it was garage sale type stuff - it was not being sold at garage sale type prices - rather at hefty tourist prices! 

We then made our way up Defensa street, which had even more street vendors - selling not just antiques, but all sorts of arts and crafts.  During our stroll, we also encountered a street performer doing tango, as well as a drum group.  The latter was pretty cool, and loud.

We at dinner that night at a parilla called La Brigadda.  We did the usual - proveleta, salad, and meat.  The meal was not spectacular, though not bad either.  The service, however, was spectacular, thanks to Gustavo our waiter.  And the restaurant itself had a lot of character. We will post a picture here soon.

Adam, Gustavo, and me at La Brigada parilla.

After dinner, we called it a night.  It was Sunday.  We were tired. 

(By the way, there was a real race that kicked off today - the Dakar Road Rally - from Buenos Aires to Valparaiso (chile) and back again.  I walked by the starting line on my way to the park today - but it was way too late in the day - the festivities, people, and most importantly the cool vehicles, had already left.  There are 4 classes of vehicles - motorcycles, cars, 4x4s, and what Adam and I like to call Garbage Trucks.  The latter class literally is these huge garbage-truck-looking things that make the dirt road crossing... pretty sweet.  We hope to catch some of it on TV...)




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Rollerblading again.
Rollerblading again.
Tango in San Telmo.
Tango in San Telmo.
Antiques fair in San Telmo.
Antiques fair in San Telmo.
Look closely.  Yes, they are even …
Look closely. Yes, they are even…
Sunlight hitting an old building i…
Sunlight hitting an old building …
Adam, Gustavo, and me at La Brigad…
Adam, Gustavo, and me at La Briga…