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Guess what happened next? Cut number one. Ouch.

I was lucky yesterday to see a few bits of the glacier fall off into the water.  But over the nightime, apparently, a WHOLE BUNCH of the glacier broke off.  We woke up in the Refugio only to find many, many icebergs floating by us in the lake!  Some were as big as one or two school buses, at least!  Others were smaller - I even picked one up - see picture.

After breakfast, I packed up and walked with Jann north again to the Glacier Mirador.  This was a different spot than where I was yesterday.  Yesterday I was above and parallel to the glacier.  Today, Jann and I hiked out to a rocky point directly in front of the glacier!  It was pretty cool.  We sat there for an hour waiting for more pieces to break off.  But nothing.

On the walk back from Glacier Grey.

Jann and I parted ways, agreeing to try to meet up a week later in Ushuaia.

I then hiked south back to Refugio Paine Grande where I would spend the night.   On the way down, I met some stanford students who were studying in Santiago but taking a long-weekend trip to TDP.  We walked for a while together, me in my sandals.  Of course, I tripped right in front of them and looked like a complete fool....and cut my left hand pretty badly.  A small but deepish puncture wound.  I cleaned it later that night and dressed it like a good boy scout.  Ah, that first aid kit DID come in handy!

By the way, the day today was absolutely PERFECT weather wise.

My best friend these last few days.
  Clear, sunny skies, and warm.  Awesome.  When I got to Paine Grande, I dropped my stuff off, and did the walk south again, just so I could walk back into the park (north) and see the rocky peaks in the pure sunlight against the blue sky. 

Back at Paine Grande, Carla the receptionist helped me confirm whether or not I had reservations at the next two Refugios Cuernos and Chileno.  After several back and forth via radio - the only means of communication - it was confirmed that I didn´t have reservations, then that I did have reservations but for the wrong night, and then finally that they would somehow find a bed for me.  Let´s hope so.  My sleeping bag is not warm enough for camping.

A bit nervous but going with the flow, I just headed back up to the pub with the marvelous view and had a pisco sour.  That seemed to cure everything.

homegal says:
Hiking largely on your own? I'm impressed...pity about the shoes...
Posted on: May 15, 2009
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Guess what happened next?  Cut num…
Guess what happened next? Cut nu…
On the walk back from Glacier Grey.
On the walk back from Glacier Grey.
My best friend these last few days.
My best friend these last few days.