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(Mostly) Packed Up -- though this is stage 1, remember.

So you may be asking - what does one pack for a two-month trip through Southern South America?  Well, as any experienced backpacker will tell you - there are two basic stages to packing.  Stage 1 - plan your itinerary, check the weather patterns, and pack everything you think you will need.  Stage 2 - take out HALF of what you just packed. 

I'm only at Stage 1 - and here's my list so far.

1 internal frame backpack (I chose the Osprey Aether 70, which holds about 70 liter / 4200 cu inches), and heavy duty duffle bag to protect backpack when checked on airline and "disguise" backpack when traveling on buses.

Several stuff sacks, ziploc bags, and mesh bags that contain the following:

Pants:  2 quick dry zip-off hiking pants, 1 jeans, 1 wind pants, 1 swim suit.

What I'm NOT taking...
1 workout shorts, 4 quick dry underwear. 

Shirts:  2 quick dry long sleeve button down shirts, 3 poly/wicking long sleeve t-shirts, 1 long underwear (top only), 4 standard cotton t-shirts, 1 short sleeve button down shirt, 1 "nice" dress shirt  (ok, definitely need to cut back here).

Head/Foot/Handwear:  3 wool/poly socks, gore-tex boots, sandals, cheap thongs for showers, broad brimmed hat, wool hat, fleece gloves.

Outerwear:  gore-tex shell, middle-weight fleece, light-weight pullover, fitted rain shell for backpack, rain poncho.

Repair / Emergency Kit:  5+ yards duct tape wrapped around pencil, zip ties, rubber bands, waterproof matches, candle, signal mirror, various lengths twine, 15 feet climbing rope, sewing kit, spare AAA batteries, extra ziploc bags, stick-on velcro.

Sample of how I'm packing, using small bags to stay organized.
  (add:  whistle)

First Aid Kit:  assorted bandaids, antispeptic wipes, medical tape, gauze pads, rubber gloves, immodium, sea-sickness patch, pepto-bismol tablets, sudafed, ibu-profren, neosporin, first aid how-to cheat sheet.

Other gear:  quick dry towel, 50 degree synthetic sleeping bag (to be used as "sleep sack" or in dire emergency), headlamp, alarm clock, cheap watch, camera and multiple 2g memory cards (plus charger), blackberry (plus charger), laundry detergent, basic toiletries including insect repellent and sunscreen, my Lonel Planet book, padlock, corkscrew, money belt, journal, pen, ear plugs, dice, deck of cards, brain.

Documents:  passport, drivers license, ATM/credit card, brazil visa, and immunization card (copies of everything both in my pack and left at home)

We'll see what makes it past Stage 2. 




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(Mostly) Packed Up -- though this …
(Mostly) Packed Up -- though this…
What Im NOT taking...
What I'm NOT taking...
Sample of how Im packing, using s…
Sample of how I'm packing, using …
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