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Today I sent my "adios" email to everyone - highlighting my contact info, promoting my blog, and most importantly thanking everyone for helping me make this trip happen.  (Text pasted in below for anyone that didn't receive it - sorry!)

However, there was two-pronged strategy behind the email.  First, I sent it a little early to take advantage of the power of public opinion.  You see, I am between Stage 1 and Stage 2 of packing (see "T-minus 3 days" blog entry).  I'm at the point where I need to whittle down my inventory, but also double check my inventory.  I'm hoping that some of you will read my inventory list and say "Why are you taking X?" or "Dude, you have forgotten to pack Y!"

Realistically, most of you will ignore my inventory list, and will just wait to laugh when one of my first blog entries is "Forgot Passport" or "Need Money".

That's where the second part of my strategy comes in.  There is also inherent email banter and needless reply-all tendencies among some of my friends.  By sending my "adios" email early, I am allowing all of that back-and-forth to take place BEFORE I leave.  That way, I can delete it from my inbox - and not have to worry about coming back to 300 emails of nonesensical (but usually hilarious) dialogue.

Ok here is the text of my note for anyone who did not receive it - again, apologies for any exclusions:


I have waited a long time to send this note.  

  •  20+ years of dreaming ��" since studying Latin American history in college and Spanish in high school
  • 7 years of working ��" to earn the famous (and elusive) EA Sabbatical
  • 1 year of planning ��" pouring over blogs, maps, books, and online “friends”
  • 1 year of re-planning ��" after cancelling last year’s trip and starting all over again

 But now, the time has finally come. 

On Thursday, I depart on my 2-month trip through southern South America.  I will travel by plane, train, boat, bike, bus, and foot.  My experiences will range from wine-tasting in the Lakes Region of Chile to partying on NYE on the beach in Rio de Janeiro, from hiking through the back country of Patagonia to lounging on the luxurious coast of Uruguay, and from befriending complete strangers in a mountain hostel or converted freighter to dining in Panama with Uncle Bruce. 

You will be able to read about my latest adventures and see photos at www.travbuddy.com/dannyboytravels/blogs I’ve already started the blog, and will keep it updated at least weekly depending on my whereabouts.  You can also review my detailed itinerary on my profile page www.travbuddy.com/dannyboytravels in the “Future Travels” section in case you want to escape and meet up with meHowever, I reserve the right to change my itinerary as luck, fate, or desire dictates. 

You can also email me at dannyboytravels@yahoo.com or via www.facebook.com.

Even after all my research and planning, I really don't know what to expect ��" except that it will be one hell of an adventure.  Fortunately, as a few of you have witnessed first hand, I am an experienced traveler ��" with varying degrees of skill at crawling through bat caves, swimming in unknown rivers, killing snakes, eating ants, surviving at high altitude, sleeping in doorways, navigating the Altiplano, and keeping track of my Visa and ATM cards.  Only time will tell what stories come out of this trip ��" watch the blog!

But whatever happens, however it turns out, I'm grateful to have this tremendous opportunity to explore, observe, and reflect.  So THANK YOU for your part in helping me make this trip possible ��" whether you gave me insight and inspiration from your own travels, offered me advice and moral support after my heart-wrenching decision to cancel last year, provided coverage for me at work, or perhaps most importantly just gave me that swift kick in the pants to get on with my life ��" I truly appreciate it. 

I look forward to seeing you sometime in January.  (I admit I dont have a return ticket yetThat would be like having a self-imposed curfew ��" and what fun is that??  J

Wishing you all the best ��" or more appropriately -- ¡Que le vaya bien!





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