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Well, this is it.  I leave in just over 12 hours. 

I'll do some final clean up / transition at work this morning.  Then this afternoon I have a lot of errands that popped up.   I have to smog check one of my cars, get a haircut, go to the bank, fill up the cars with gas (best for storage, I hear), etc. 

Then I have a bunch of house stuff to do.  Take out the garbage, disconnect car batteries, tidy up so I have a clean house to return to, etc.

Oh, and find a ride to the airport.

UPDATE:  Well, I couldn't find a ride to the airport so, perhaps fittingly, I set out from my house on foot at 8:15pm in the evening.  I walked the 2.5 miles down to the San Carlos Train Station armed with my backpack and a few letters to mail along the way.   I quickly stopped in at The Patio to bid farewell to my favorite bartender Michelle, then ran across the street to catch my train.

Oddly - though maybe a good omen - I ran into two other familiar faces.  My friend Kat actually called me when I was about 30 feet away from The Patio, asking me if I wanted to get a drink tonight.  I said, "Sorry, I'm catching a train - but about to duck into the Patio for a quick one."  She replied, "Funny, that's where I am!"  What a coincidence.   Then, when I got up to the platform to catch the train, my friend Aaron was standing right there.  So we road the train north together.

The flights to Miami and then Panama were essentially non eventful.  About the only thing worth mentioning was the heavy turbulence we encountered over New Orleans or thereabouts.  Woke me up from a sleep with a bit of a startle - even though turbulence doesn't really bother me.

Nonetheless, I landed safely in Panama, exactly 16 hours after leaving my front door.  And so the adventure begins...

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San Carlos
photo by: dannyboytravels