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Good looking heart-of-palms and avocado and tomato salad. My lame picture doesn't do it justice.

This morning we cleaned up, packed up, and went down to the lobby where we were supposed to meet Fabio, the property manager, to retrieve our $500 Reales deposit. And then we needed to head immediately to the airport to catch our 1pm flight.

Well, Fabio was nowhere to be found. Not at 9:30am - our designated meeting time. Not at 10:00am. Adam had the good idea of going to the nearby bank, where we had gone with Fabio on our first day, to see if maybe Fabio was there waiting in line to get our money out of his account.

Lo and behold, Adam found Fabio at the bank and brought him back to the apartment - unfortunately without our $500 Reales. There was some kind of problem at the bank. We had to leave for the airport, so we told Fabio that we'd contact the owner of the apartment directly and get our money wired to us once we get back to the United States.

Later that night at club La Bruja.
Fabio was ok with that, but wanted us to make sure we told the owner it wasn't Fabio's fault - that there was some issue at the bank. We said fine, thanks, and adios!

Note that all our communications with Fabio are some sort of funny combination of hand gestures, Portugese, Spanish, and English. He doesn't really speak a lick of English, and only very little Spanish. And we of course don't speak Portugese. Anyway, it's a funny scene when we are trying to talk with him. He of course mostly just rattles stuff off in Portugese and assumes we understand him.

Our flight turned out to be delayed by an hour or two - typical of Aerolineas Argentinas, from what we hear. I sat next to two Australians - Alyssa (or Alicia?) and Alexia. Both 19, travelling together through South America. Pretty awesome to be doing that at their age. But maybe a bit risky, too. They said they hadn't had any real problems yet. Let's hope their luck continues.

We eventually made it to Buenos Aires, and took a cab into Palermo neighborhood, where our apartment was located.  Maria was there to greet us, give us keys, and show us around the apartment. The owner also showed up to collect the payment.

After we settled in, I went shopping. I needed to buy some dress shoes for going out in Buenos Aires. Neither my sandals nor hiking boots would be appropriate. I found a C&A, a discount clothing store, located on Santa Fe street - one of the main shopping thoroughfares in Palermo. And in the store, I found a really cheap (in price, looks, and quality) pair of black shoes. Done. I even bought some dark socks to go with them.

Of course when I got home, Adam laughed at me. But hey, I only needed them to last a few nights. And in the darkness of the clubs or bars, who would really notice anyway. And I didn't have enough room in my backpack anyway for another pair of shoes - these were so cheap I could just through them away when I'm done.

We went out to dinner tonight in Palermo Soho, a trendy section of the neighborhood that is supposed to be reminiscent of the NY neighborhood of the same name. We chose La Cabrera steakhouse for dinner - a very popular and highly rated restaurant. The restaurant was sort of in two places. There was the main restaurant on the corner, and then some kind of sister restaurant a half block away. We put our name in at both places. Unfortunately, though, there was a long wait at both. The stated 45 minute wait turned into an hour and a half. The free champagne didn't flow quickly enough to pacify us. We chatted with a few people outside as well...about the wait, the food, our travels, etc.  One group was even from SF!

But we eventually did get a nice table outside at the smaller of the two restaurants -- at about 12:15am! Once we ordered, the food came out pretty quickly even though earlier we had been watching the service which had seemed painfully slow. Not in our case. We ordered grilled mozarella, heart-of-palm salad, and tenderloin - and shared everything as the portions were huge. The meal came with a bunch of mini sides and sauces in little serving dishes. Unfortunately, our sides came out late, after we'd devoured most of the steak. Still we enjoyed the meal.

We then hit a central plaza in Palermo where the "action" took place - well, where it's supposed to take place.  There were a bunch of bars with outdoor seating. It was Saturday night, and places were busting at the seams with people out for the night. We relaxed outside for a bit at one place and surveyed the scene. We eventually entered La Bruja, a bar/club. We hung out for a bit, but we both lost steam pretty quickly after a big (and extended) dinner. 

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Good looking heart-of-palms and av…
Good looking heart-of-palms and a…
Later that night at club La Bruja.
Later that night at club La Bruja.