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Leaving Punta del Este on the bus.

Oooph, the late nights are catching up with me.  After going to bed last night close to 5am, getting up today at 9am - to eat, check out, and catch the bus - was difficult.

But we managed. 

Breakfast was less of a disappointment this morning, but really that's only because we knew what to expect - Tang, runny yogurt, gooey eggs, cheese and pastries left over from yesterday, etc. 

We checked out of Hotel Ajax, walked down to the bus terminal, and boarded our Buquebus Bus back to Colonia. I guess we were a bit late boarding, because we ended up with seats in the back of the bus... and I mean the VERY BACK. I.e., last row.  Wow, was it bumpy!  (Arguably bumpier than my ride along the dirt and gravel Ruta 40 in Argentina!)  It wasn't bumpy because of the road, but because the back of the bus sits well beyond the rear axle - so you get like a diving board effect, I guess.

On the ferry, in first class this time and greeted with champagne!
  The back just bounces up and down and up and down.  Whew. 

There were three positives to our seats, though.  1) Normally on these long distance buses, it's a huge no-no to sit in the back, because the lavatory/bathroom is there, and you get the nasty smell, plus the constant door slamming.  But oddly, this bus didn't have a bathroom, so we were ok sitting in the back.  2)  There was a rear window, so at least I was able to take a picture of the road streaming behind us...Hasta luego Punta del Este!  I hope to be back again soon.  3)  We each had a cute young woman sitting next to us.  Of course, in the 4 hour journey to Colonia, neither of us said a word to either of them. 

In Colonia, we boarded the Ferry - and this time we had first class tickets because at the time of booking that was all that was available.

Mmmm danny likey.
  So we climbed the stairs to the reserved first class area.  Leather chairs grouped around small cocktail tables.  Flat screen TVs.  And champagne to greet us!  Mmmm.

So for the hour cruise across Rio de la Plata, we sipped champagne, watched a soccer game on TV, ... and listened to a couple of screaming kids running around us.  We also picked up some pretty plain ham and cheese sandwiches from the cafe. 

Back in Buenos Aires, Adam didn't really have a lot of time.  His flight back to California was leaving in a few hours.  So we walked along the waterfront galeria near the ferry terminal and grabbed a *final* Freddo helado.

Later that night, on my own again, I thought aggressively about my trip and it's meaning, my learnings, my future, etc.

Unfortunately, my desired ice cream combo of Dulce de Leche and Chocolate Amargo (dark chocolate) wasn't available.  They didn't have the dark chocolate flavor.  So I opted for Chocolate Freddo, figuring their namesake chocolate must be pretty good.  Well, lesson learned - never order an ice cream without tasting it, or at least understanding its ingredients first.  Those of you who know me well - or want to - should know that I am very particular about my ice cream.  And this Chocolate Freddo had nuts in it.  Gross!  No me gusta.  I don't like nuts in my icream, brownies, or coffee cake. 

So I told Adam not to be offended, but that this would definitely NOT be MY last Freddo... I'm not going out on a note like this.

After too much thinking...
  (Plus, to boot, I ordered the wrong size - this particular dish was far too small to be my final final Freddo.) 

With that, Adam and I said farewell.  He went to the bus station to catch a bus to the airport.  I wandered up the streets to look for a hotel near the microcenter (back to Florida Street).  My game plan was to stay at Hotel Tres Sargentos again.  It was a decent room, decent location, and decent price.  

Hotel Tres Sargentos had rooms available, so I checked in, and unloaded my stuff in room #204. 

I took a walk along the pedestrian-only Florida street again, but soon decided I'd head to Palermo district for dinner and the evening.  So I hopped the metro and, long story short, wound up at Cronicos Bar for a simple dinner of empanadas.  After dinner, I explored a couple of the other venues offering outdoor seating and therefore good people watching.  (I also spent some time thinking about the last 2 months on the road.  What had I done/seen?  What had I learned?  What would the future hold?  Did I have an epiphany?  More on this in later entry.)

As crowds showed up, they seemed to be going into a two-story bar called Madagascar - so being a good tourist, I decided to check out what was going on.  One word:  Dancing.  And latin-style, couples-dancing at that.  (I know I've said this at least once before....note to self: learn to dance before going to south america again!) 

I lasted for about one really bad gin-and-tonic and a few songs, and then had to leave.  I felt way too out of place!  But it was definitely a cool place IF you know what you are doing, which I clearly don't...yet!  :-)







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Leaving Punta del Este on the bus.
Leaving Punta del Este on the bus.
On the ferry, in first class this …
On the ferry, in first class this…
Mmmm danny likey.
Mmmm danny likey.
Later that night, on my own again,…
Later that night, on my own again…
After too much thinking...
After too much thinking...