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Back in the U.S.A.!

Well, this is it.  January 15 - my flight to California (via Miami) leaves at 8:00am.

Salusiano surprised me by arriving early - at 5:30am, not 5:45am.  I raced to pack, dress, and check out; then hopped into the cab, which was stationary this time, by the way, making entry a bit easier.

The rest is history, really. 

I got to the airport - no problems. 

Got through check-in, security, and immigration - no problems. 

The transfer in Miami - no problems.   Well, other than the fact that Miami Airport continues to be the coldest airport I've ever been in.   Oh, and wait.  There is one story here. 

On the flight to Miami, I had loosened my boot laces to keep my feet cool.  Silly me, I forgot to tighten them when I arrived in Miami.  When I picked up my big backpack from baggage claim, to carry it through customs, I guess I was walking a bit crooked.  (You see, I wasn't wearing my backpack - it was still in the canvas duffel bag I use to encase the backpack and protect the straps from getting snagged on conveyor belts, etc.  The duffel is a bit awkward as it bangs against my legs, so I have to walk a bit crooked to make room for the bag to swing back and forth.  Does that make sense?)  Anyway, trust me - I was walking a bit crooked, with a heavy load, and my shoe laces were loose.  Yes, you guessed it.  My right shoe lace snagged on the metal lace clasp of my left boot and - BAM! - down I went.  Right in front of the entire Miami baggage claim audience.  Leather jacket (still in trash sack) went flying.  Little backpack went flying.  Big backpack/duffel dropped to floor.  And I did face plant - well, more like a knee and hip plant - onto the cold tile floor. 

When I tried to get up, I'm not exactly sure what happened - I thought I had unsnagged the snag - but I stood up, took one step and - BAM! - down I went for a second time! 

I could hear people laughing in the background.  Totally embarassed, I made SURE to unsnag and tie my boots before standing up again.  Then, I pulled my ballcap down over my eyes like a gangbanger or teenage hoodlum, gathered my bags, and hustled through the doorway to customs. 

And like the good hockey player I am, I never once gave any indication that the fall - ok the falls, plural - hurt me.  In reality, though, my right knee and hip were aching and brusing up, and I'm sure my face was bright red!

And so the day went on...

Flight to SFO - no problems.

Arrival and bags at SFO - no problems.  And no tripping this time.

Cab home - no problems.

Entering home - BIG problems! 

Well, entering the home wasn't a problem.  I found the key outside, where I had left it 2 months before.  (Sorry to any houseguests about the awkward placement of the key - I didn't realize that plant was so prickly!) 

The problem was the electricity - none of the overhead lighting in my house worked.  Wierd, the wall plugs worked - just no overhead lighting.  I spent a few minutes digging around for candles and lit them.  Then I dug into my backpack to get my headlamp.  Found it, and put it on.  I was so tired, I wasn't going to unpack or anything.  I was just going to turn on the heat and hit the sack.

Heat, hmmm.  I went to the thermostat and turned it up.  Nothing.  No heat.  No fan.  I then realized the furnace/fans must be connected to the power that was out.  Yikes.  It was going to be a cold night.

So ironically, after 2 months on the road - sleeping in all kinds of hostels, buses, and hotels - my most uncomfortable night just might have been my first night back in my own bed!  Ok it wasn't that bad...but it was a bit emotionally distressing.  But frankly, I was so tired, I didn't care.  I would deal with everything tomorrow....


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Back in the U.S.A.!
Back in the U.S.A.!
San Carlos
photo by: dannyboytravels