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From the upstairs lounge at Hostel Freestyle, overlooking Ushuaia and Beagle Channel.

I woke up today still feeling miserable.  A sore throat, a cough, and mild nasal congestion.  Ugh.  I immediately downed more cough syrup and an antibiotic.  Then I headed into the lounge for coffee, bread, and jam breakfast.  And nutella...yum...that´ll surely make me feel better.

I then headed back to my room to shower and get ready for the day - though my day was going to be a relatively easy one.  I wanted to just sleep in my room all day, but I couldn´t resist the urge to wander around town a bit and check things out.

Back to the shower part for one minute, though.  I have noticed a strange occurrence.  (Those of you with a weak stomach or those of you who are prone to say "Eeeew, TMI" can skip to the next paragraph.

Here I am - at el fin del mundo!
)  The hair on the tops of my thighs has disappeared!! It looks like it has been singed off by fire or something.  After brainstorming a bit, here is my hypothesis of what´s actually happened.  My hypothesis is that the zip off pants that I am continually wearing day after day have caused this.  You see, at about thigh level, the pants have zippers around the legs, so that the pants can become shorts.  My hunch is that gradually the roughness or sharpness of the zipper is snagging at the hair, pulling it out.  Anyway, my thighs are bald.  Wierd.

Ok, back to my day. 

After the shower, I did some internet of course but soon got restless so headed down town for lunch.  I ordered a Ceasar salad.  Big mistake.

I´d like to get a tour of this submarine! Cool!
  There wasn´t anything "ceasar" about it, really.  The ingredients were iceberg lettuce, overcooked chicken, cherry tomatoes, boxed croutons, parmesan cheese, and - get this - oil and balsamic vinegar dressing!  So that´ll be the last time I order a Ceasar salad.  Now, that said, the strawberry smoothie I ordered to accompany my salad was pretty damn good.  And la cuenta?  Bill came to a mere $13 U.S.!  Yikes this place is expensive!

After lunch, I went to the Ushuaia Museum (can´t remember the official name).  It had a small collection of artifacts from the territory and information on the history of the region.  One of the coolest things was the wooden "ornament" of a sunken ship´s bow.  (See pic.

Here is the Argentine Naval Base in Ushuaia.

The admission also granted me access to the first Governor´s Mansion / City Hall.  So I checked that out too.  (These were both pretty small time, compared to the more massive Prison & Naval/Maritime museum I´ll visit tomorrow.)

On the way back to the hostel, I ventured around town looking for either an ATM or a grocery store.  Or both.  I had a hell of a time - I must have walked 10 or 15 blocks in total, with no luck!  I later realized that I was in the "tourist" section of town, which may explain why the grocery store wasn´t situated in that area.  If you´re a local, you probably don´t want to deal with the tourist crowd when all you need is a loaf of bread.

And here are their Navy boats docked out front. Doesn´t look like Argentina has a huge Navy... :)
  But I still couldn´t figure out why ATMs were so hard to find.  However, I did manage to find one eventually.  Maybe my frustration was just rooted in by spoiled by the Americano convenience factor... we have a starbucks, an ATM, and a minimart on every damn corner!

I actually did find a small mercado by our hostel.  So I picked up some fixings for dinner.  Bread, cheese, salami, apples, bananas, and orange juice.  Pretty boring but was looking forward to a simple, cheap, relatively healthy dinner.  When I got back to the hostel, though, I felt like a total loser because there I was eating finger sandwiches, while groups of people had used the common area kitchen to whip up pastas and jumbalaya type dishes.  And there I was, the simpleton.

Here is the wooden ornament from a ship that sunk off the coast of Ushuaia years ago.

My 6 person room did a near complete change-out today, too, by the way.  Alesandro and I were the only ones to stay - we were about to get 4 new roommates.  (Alesandro, by the way, is from Italy and he only speaks Italian and Spanish. So we have had fun chatting with each other in Spanish...which we are both still practicing.) 

Later that night, I met Cynthia - one of my new roommates.  She is from the U.S. but has spent most of her life abroad - Argentina, Egypt, and France - very interesting.  We stayed up chit chatting for a bit over a large beer, sharing our past, present, and future travel plans.


mellemel8 says:
YEP i missed you by a day :(
Posted on: Dec 17, 2008
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From the upstairs lounge at Hostel…
From the upstairs lounge at Hoste…
Here I am - at el fin del mundo!
Here I am - at el fin del mundo!
I´d like to get a tour of this su…
I´d like to get a tour of this s…
Here is the Argentine Naval Base i…
Here is the Argentine Naval Base …
And here are their Navy boats dock…
And here are their Navy boats doc…
Here is the wooden ornament from a…
Here is the wooden ornament from …
Casa de gobernador.
Casa de gobernador.
photo by: xander_van_hoof