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As I mentioned, I changed my bus ticket out of here so that I could stay another day.  This place is very relaxing, I have a great deal on a room, and I have met some nice people.  That said, I am not doing a whole lot.  Beach walk.  Cafe.  Street walk.  Cafe.  Internet.  Beach walk.  Restaurant.  Street walk.  Dinner.  Bar.

Today was more of the same.  On the beach, I ran into Ben and Melina.  (I had run into them together yesterday, too, on the street.)  I ate lunch at the relatively well know restaurant, Windy. And yes, it is windy sitting out on their deck! 

I also met Alberto, a lifeguard.  Actually, scratch that.  I met him yesterday when I asked him if I could take a beer onto the beach - he said yes - but then we broke into a more casual conversation.  He was interested in practicing his English, and I of course didnt mind the change to practice mi espanol.)  He had mentioned yesterday that he hoped to see me again on my future beach walks. 

So lo and behold, today I ran into him again and he introduced me to his family who was hanging out right there with him on the beach as he did his job as a lifeguard.  How cool is that, I thought. 

He said that they used to live in Buenos Aires and that he had two jobs so that he could earn enough money to support his family.  He said, however, that he never saw his kids - he left too early in the morning and came home too late at night.  That he was missing out on watching them grow up.  One day he said enough is enough.  They packed up and moved to Villa Gesell where they live about 10 blocks from the beach.  During high season, he does lifeguarding on the beach - he can walk to work and his family can visit him throughout the day.  During the off season, he does lifeguarding at a public pool, as well as odds and ends as an electrician. 

As we talked, his wife offered me a waffle type snack she had made earlier in the day.  And presented me with a magazine in English that he wanted to give to me.  I was overwhelmed by their generosity and friendliness.  And, watching his 2 daughters play at his feet as we stood there in the sand, we all knew Alberto made a great decision coming here to Villa Gesell.

I bid them farewell and continued on my walk.  Later on, I stumbled on Casa Gesell - the first house built here mid-20th century I believe - tucked away just off the beach amidst the dunes.  Again, I wont go into history here.  But it belonged to the family of a German economist who came here to vacation I guess.  They bought some land, built the house, and planted some sort of pine-looking trees too, so the house is really amidst dunes and pine trees.  Interesting.  It was all locked up, but I took a few photos.  Coming later.  This was the beginning of the town Villa Gesell.  Hence the name.

That evening, I took my jeans to Melina for repair and hit a helado at Sei Tu while I waited. 

I ate dinner at Lo De Tomas, some sidewalk cafe.  Good salad, bad pizza.  But the pizza was better than barbecued cow blood.  So I ate it.

Later I went to Chauen again.  Although pricey drinks, the place has a nice outdoor seating area and decent electronic music.  Also a video monitor which was playing a really interesting video - short clips of just wierd activities, buildings, landscape from around the world.  Next door, I could see Mario, Diego, Marcia, and the rest of the gang working.  I told them I would be next door if any of them wanted to meet for an after work drink.  (In doing this, though, I had to be careful - for their sake - because apparently the owner doesnt approved of the wait staff talking socially to clientele or having visitors.) 

Mario was the only one who dropped by later - not exactly the one I was hoping for :) - but he dropped by only to say he was too tired to go out.  So we just said adios, have a nice life.  (Not quite like that, but you know...) 

Solo for the night, I decided to cab up to the disco complex to see if by chance it was open.  After all, it was Friday, Christmas was over, high season was beginning.  Maybe I would be in luck.  Nope.  Closed. 

So the cab dropped me off again on Avenida 3 where I walked by the other known hot spots - Jirafa, Sutton, Chauen.  But nothing really struck my fancy, so I called it a night (after stopping by a cafe for a cheeseburger).  Boring, I know. 


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Villa Gesell
photo by: ArlsAndTris