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Skating rink in Bariloche

I couldn´t do anything outdoors my second full day in Bariloche because it was pouring down rain and really windy. I had mixed feelings about this because I really did want to do something outdoors and see the surrounding area. But I was also wiped out from the previous all-night party at Wilkenny.

Although the hostel lounge was cozy with coffee, internet, books, leather couches, and other weary travellers, I decided that I would at least brave the rain and venture out to explore the town a bit more.

The first place I went was to the ice skating rink. The rink is enclosed in a building that sits right on the lake, offering a spectacular view. Today, instead of a great view of steep mountains, blue water, and brilliant sky, the view was of wind-whipped white caps, horizontal rain, and huge splashes (for a lake) of waves on the rocks below.

"Breakfast" at Mamuschka´s chocolate store
The rink is REALLY small, too. I didn´t see a zamboni so I wondered how they tended to the ice. Of course, on closer look at the ice, it didn´t really look that well maintained to begin with. Who knows. I was tempted to rent some skates and get out there - just to say I did - but between the condition of the ice and the fact that I´d be the oldest person out there by like 2x, I decided to act my age and just watch.

I found out that Bariloche is apparently the destination of large high school groups as a "senior year getaway" type thing. Literally bus loads of high schoolers invade this town - the hotels, streets, the discos (special under age discos, not places like Wilkenny), and yes, the ice skating rink. This explains the massive display of dancing, screaming, and marching I saw yesterday. The kids had spent the afternoon at some makeshift disco dance hall under the ice rink building, and then were marching back to their hotel rooms singing, clapping, giggling, etc.

Mamuschka´s chocolate...
(During my stay in Bariloche, I ran into these groups constantly. I noticed that they have t-shirts and day-packs with names and logos of their school or town or something, I guess.)

After the skating rink, I went to the famous chocolate store Mamushka´s, where I had the typical Bariloche afternoon snack - chocolate and coffee. I´m not kidding - that chocolate is damn good. And I´m not even a big chocolate eater.

I spent the rest of the afternoon doing errands that I won´t bore you with. Except for one - buying my bus ticket to Buenos Aires. My original plan was to find my way to the East Coast of Argentina and then meander up the coast to Buenos Aires, visiting some small beach towns along the way. For some reason, I lost track of that plan in my head (or was too lazy to figure out all the logistical details of buses, timing, lodging, etc), and just ended up buying a ticket direct to Buenos Aires.

..and more chocolate...
Part of my reasoning, too, was that getting to BA would just give me more options. If I heard from my friends Rocia and Lucia in Uruguay, maybe I could get over to Punta Del Este for a few days and see them. Or I could just settle in to the brand new hostel America Del Sur BA - sister hostel of the great place I stayed in El Calafate - and get to know Buenos Aires. Or I could still take a bus or train down to Mar Del Plata, Villa Gesell, or Pinamar - it would just entail some backtracking.

Anyway, so I bought the ticket. By tomorrow evening, I´d be on a bus to Buenos Aires.

Oh, I guess another of my errands was to leave Marieke and Dayenne another note about logistics for the evening and/or tomorrow for lunch.

...and more chocolate!
Was hoping to have a goodbye drink or coffee or something.

Tonight I had dinner at Dia de Zapata, a mexican place, where I had the worst margarita ever, but to counter that, a pretty good burrito, guacamole, and salsa. Not too "autentico" but more gourmet mexican. It hit the spot, nonetheless.

After dinner, I walked by a few other bars that had been recommended to me. One looked closed. One looked empty. One was full but the doors were shut - again for some private party perhaps. So I headed back to Wilkenny again. On the way, I passed several groups of the high schoolers as they marched, sang, and even ran down to some disco called Bypass.

At Wilkenny, I found a spot at the bar and ordered a beer, settling in to people watch for a bit. Marieke and Dayenne showed up after a while and said hi. After a couple hours, though, I´d had enough and headed home.

Part of the old town center in Bariloche on a rainy night
(I´ve noticed that this bar is VERY routine. At midnight, they turn up the music; at 1am they dim the lights; at 2am they move the tables and create the dance floor. The worst part is they play the SAME music every night. It´s like they have an ipod with 50 songs on it and they just hit shuffle each night... except they don´t even play the whole song - they play just 1-2 minutes of it. Really wierd. The first night it was fun because it is a good mix of music. But by the third night, this was downright annoying.)








mellemel8 says:
yep argentina is know for yummy chocolates, caramel and meats.
Posted on: Dec 26, 2008
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Skating rink in Bariloche
Skating rink in Bariloche
Breakfast at Mamuschka´s chocol…
"Breakfast" at Mamuschka´s choco…
Mamuschka´s chocolate...
Mamuschka´s chocolate...
..and more chocolate...
..and more chocolate...
...and more chocolate!
...and more chocolate!
Part of the old town center in Bar…
Part of the old town center in Ba…
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