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At Shenanigans with new friends Chris and Ana.

Yep, you guessed it.  Juice bars.  Internet.  Beach walks.  Street strolls.

We also chatted about our preparation for the big New Year´s Eve celebration tomorrow.  What would we need?  (1) White clothes - that meant I needed pants, and maybe Adam needed a new shirt. (2) Maybe some kind of red accent - a red sash, red beads, red flip-flops? (3) Bags that we can carry champagne and beer in.  (4) Designated meeting place in case we got separated during the night.  (5) And of course the champagne, beer, and red bull (It was going to be an all night affair, for sure.)

Of course, we were too "busy" today to do any of the prep.  We´d save it for tomorrow.  (In hindsight, that was probably a mistake because EVERYONE was saving it for tomorrow!)

So instead of shopping and preparing, we sat on the beach for the better part of the late afternoon / evening.

Three minutes later I knock over Adam´s beer, shattering the glass and spilling beer everywhere.
  Then we went back to the apartment to clean up for a big steak buffet style dinner at Procao restaurant - Adam´s choice since it was his birthday.  (This is the kind of fixed-price restaurant where you go in, sit down, and the waiters bring you big slabs of all kinds of meat on skewers and cut off pieces for you.  They keep this up until you turn over the token on your table that says "No Thanks.") 

When we arrived, the place was crowded, so they sat us in a lounge area, offering us capirinhas and a small cheese and snack buffet.  Within 30 minutes, our table was ready and we sat down...but then immeidately got up and hit the buffet for the side dishes.  Sushi, heart of palms, rice, cheese, tomatoes, etc.

At the club Melt. Nope, no fire hazard or anything...
  Then we turned our tokens over to the "Yes Please" and the onslaught of meat began.  Sausage, chicken, filet mignon, flank steak, rib eye, picana (the best), ostrich, boar, and even chicken hearts. 

We got out fill of meats and side dishes, and eventually turned the tokens over.  Done.  Well....not quite.  

As if the all-you-can-eat buffet and endless grilled meat wasn`t enough, we supplemented it with four desserts between the two of us.  Cheesecake, flan, and two mousses.  And coffees.  We did not want the big meal to put us into the food coma.  We had clubs to go to! 

((By the way, I won't disclose how much the meal was because (a) you'd never believe me and (b) I don't really remember anyway.

The band had a guest drummer - this little kid who ROCKED!

for nightlife, we first went to Shenanigan´s for a bit.  We had told Chris we´d meet him there.  Shenanigan´s was HOT (i.e., warm).  I have no idea why - some combination of stuff, humid, and just plain hot.  But it was barely tolerable.  We hung out on the patio the whole time, desperately hoping to catch a bit of a breeze and also firmly holding our ground as other people tried to wedge themselves onto the narrow balcony.  We spoke to Ana, a sweet girl from Buenos Aires, about some tips in Rio and BA.  She was funny to listen too because although she was from Argentina and learned English in school, she had an English accent.  Just unusual, and not what you'd expect.  But I guess that's because her boyfriend is from England and has influenced her speech.

Loud, crowded, colorful.

Later Adam, Chris, and I took a cab to a club called Melt.  It was peak time - about 2am - and there was a significant line.  So we tried to bribe the doorman.  No go.  Then we noticed there was a back door into the kitchen, so we tried to bribe the kitchen staff.  No go.  So we waited. 

We gradually made our way through the line and into the club.  There is an interesting payment technique here (and at Shenanigans) that might be worth mentioning.  At Shenanigans, you carry your "check" around with you - and the waiters or bartenders mark things off as you consume them.  But you don´t pay until the very end, when you are ready to leave.  And you don´t give money to the waiters or bartenders, you give money to the cashier who then gives you a receipt for payment, which you then show the bouncer who lets you leave at that point.

In the clubby area of Melt, pinned down by a green laser beam.
  At Melt, it´s very similar except it´s not a paper check but a plastic credit card type thing.  Waiters and bartenders swipe it record what you consume, then the cashier swipes it to retreive the balance and collect payment from you.  Anyway, not sure what the purpose of this is.  Does it speed things up?  Offer moe control?  Not sure.  

Anyway, inside Melt, there was a downstairs lounge and an upstairs dance area.  A band was playing upstairs, so we headed there.  It was PACKED!  Wow.  The best part of the show was when a kid (maybe 10 years old) took a turn on drums and played a song with the band.  The crowd loved it.  When the band finished, they cleared the area and the second floor turned  into a real club with deafening music, blinding lasers and strobes, and elbow-to-elbow dancing - it was awesome.

Another photo, same effect.

Another thing that is worth mentioning is I have NEVER seen so many people make out at a bar before.  Is it Brazil?  Is it this bar?  Is it something in the water?  It was crazy in this club.  Definitely no concern for "public display of affection."   

The night sped by and soon enough it was 5am.  We cabbed back to the apartment.  But then Adam and I decided to hit the beach and see what was going on.  There we ran into Priscilla and Vanessa, who had also had a late night out clubbing.  We bought a couple beers and sat down to chit chat with them as the sun came up.  Then we all went home.  What a night.



dannyboytravels says:
Total bill ended up being about $240 pesos.
Posted on: Jan 21, 2009
mellemel8 says:
how much was all the meat? :P
Posted on: Jan 07, 2009
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Loud, crowded, colorful.
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