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I didn't really enter Schoonhoven. It was too damn cold. I wanted to go home to my warm cup of tea, coffee or chocolate...

Last year I started biking again after a stop of at least 4 years (for sports in stead of school/work-travel). Sometimes in the morning, often skiping a day. And then father winter came and I fell in a pleasant bear-slumber. In Januari it started to itch again, but it was still too cold for my tasting.

Februari 2th I could no langer restrain myself. I jumbed on my old mountainbike, rode with the wind  and discovered to my surprise  that I was again caught up in a overly fanatic biking-behavior. Before I knew what I was doing I followed the signs which said 'Schoonhoven' and wasn't planning on giving up on my goal.

It was still freezing and at the bridge by the Feijenoordstation I found the streets covered with slushpuppie, half-melted snow and hail.  Waves washed over my feet, until my shoes and socks were soaked with icewater. On the way back I had to struggle against the wind I had in my back on the way there. It was so cold, it hurt to breath.

When I got home my longs fell like they did in 2003, when I had to call my defeat and run home from my IJsselmeer-tour with pneumonia. Not that again! I took good care of myself the week after and got all better again.

Spotted: woodpecker, fields filled with white swans, a big crow, buzzard, black swan (unfortunately my photocamara refused... :'( )

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I didnt really enter Schoonhoven.…
I didn't really enter Schoonhoven…
Crocusses already lifting their he…
Crocusses already lifting their h…
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photo by: westwind57